“Not only did he throw his own ball, but he led the younger guys well, gave them advice, and worked really hard. When you have a player like that, the team works well. Please keep an eye on him.”

Futures coach Son Seung-rak was right on the money. Park Jun-pyo pitched a three-game shutout to lead the team to its second straight win. On June 9, Park pitched a perfect first inning. The June 10 game was no different. After relieving Kim Yoo-shin with two outs in the seventh inning, Park faced Kim Jae-hwan.

Although he was hit by a big shot to left field, Lee Chang-jin got out of the jam. In the eighth inning, he struck out three of Doosan’s top hitters – Yang Ji, Yang Suk-hwan, and Heo Kyung-min. Yang proved to be the most difficult. He was down to three pitches early on, but kept his composure and got Yang to ground out to shortstop. Park has been struggling lately with his fastball, but his pitches have been coming together.

His jumping pitches are reminiscent of Son Seung-rak in his prime. Son Seung-rak of the Futures once impressed fans with his jumping pitching motion in his closing days.

On June 10, Kim Jong-kook announced that Choi Ji-min would be rested, and Lim Ki-young also announced that he would save as many pitches as possible.토토사이트

However, there is a good chance that Kim will keep his promise. Jang Hyun-sik, Lee Jun-young, Hwang Dong-ha, and Kwak Do-kyu are also in the bullpen, and if Park Jun-pyo comes back to life, they will be able to make calculated runs.

Park Jun-pyo is becoming another reliable reliever by protecting his back in winning games. This is backed up by Son Seung-rak’s jump pitching. Kia’s bullpen is by no means weak.

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