The story that was only rumored has become true. It wasn’t ‘wiretapping rumors (rumours spread without any grounds)’.

LG Twins outfielder Lee Cheon-woong (35) voluntarily appeared at the police station on charges of illegal Internet gambling. In fact, many people looked suspiciously at Lee Chun-woong’s illegal gambling even before the season. However, it was also true that Lee Chun-woong himself denied the charges in this regard, and public opinion was also formed saying, ‘Let’s not make a person a criminal for nothing’. However, all of this turned out to be true due to the belated poet Lee Cheon-woong himself. Quite a disappointing move.토토사이트

Lee Cheon-woong, who was desperate for baseball,
became a successful pro after hard work.
Why did he lose his original intention? Lee Chun-woong couldn’t do that.

In fact, if he is a professional baseball player regardless of whether it is illegal, he should know how to refrain from playing speculative games regardless of whether they are legal. This is because if you make a mistake, you can fall into the situation and neglect your main job. As a professional, he should be able to stick to his job. In particular, when considering the employment rate of less than 10%, those who entered the pros should become more desperate for baseball even if they consider the faces of 90% who have failed to get a job.

So Lee Chun-woong was even more prohibited from engaging in illegal gambling.

In 2005, Seongnam Seo High School’s ace Lee Chun-woong, who played against Ansan Technical High School’s ace Kim Gwang-hyeon in the semifinals of the Golden Lion, was the most highly regarded pitcher. In particular, while playing as the ace of the weak Seongnam Seogo High School, he pitched 9 scoreless innings and completed a 1-0 victory, which was the highlight of the game at the time. Accordingly, his hometown, SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG Landers), also exercised the second nomination right to him and invited him to join.

However, Chun-Woong Lee put his professional calling behind and went to Korea University, revealing his will to further hone his skills. However, after that, I was only able to see him playing occasionally as a batter, not as ‘pitcher Lee Chun-woong’. Injuries were a big problem. In the end, after graduating from college, there was no club that called Lee Chun-woong.

Around the time he was about to close his dream of becoming a pro, he received an offer to join a fostering player from LG, who remembered his days at Seongnam Seo High School. However, the part where he joined as a hitter rather than a pitcher was somewhat unusual. However, Cheonwoong Lee took advantage of his unique sincerity to raise his own unstable position. Accordingly, he was converted from a foster player to a full-time player, and later succeeded in establishing himself as a full-time first team member. It was the result of overcoming a difficult situation on their own.

However, after that, rumors of a trade were constantly raised as it showed a slight fall behind the competition. However, as if not caring about these rumors, Cheonwoong Lee silently walked his own path. As a result, he entered the opening entry this season and recorded a hit in all at-bats. At this rate, it was worth looking forward to the second heyday.

However, as the facts related to illegal gambling were revealed, he was now in a situation where he did not know if he could continue playing baseball. It’s like playing baseball with such difficulty and trying to survive as a pro has gone in vain. As hard as he played baseball, he shouldn’t have lost his original intention.

The ace of Seongnam Seo High School, Lee Chun-woong, who entered the professional league with difficulty, should never have done that.

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