“My biggest hope is that the players come to the team with perfect bodies in the off-season”

Yongin Samsung Life has undergone a ‘rebuilding’ over the past few years. After winning the championship, they immediately traded Kim Han-byul (178 cm, F) to secure their future. As a result, younger players like Lee Hae-ran (180 cm, F) and Kang Yoo-rim (175 cm, F) joined the team.

And last season, Samsung Life’s rebuilding seemed to have taken a turn for the better, as the team acquired Kiana Smith (178 cm, G), the top pick in the draft. In fact, Samsung Life had a strong start to the season, knocking off the “powerhouse” Asan Woori Bank. They went 4-1 in the first round. After a brief slump in the second round, they bounced back in the third round with a 4-1 record.

However, things started to go wrong from there. In the fourth round against Woori Bank, both Lee Ju-yeon (171 cm, G) and Kiana were ruled out for the season. Although Samsung Life managed to make it to the playoffs, the injuries to their main players were too much for them. The team ended its season on March 14, losing to Busan BNK in the second round of the best-of-four playoffs.

After the break, Samsung Life held a fitness test on March 28. Players who passed the test would receive two weeks of extended vacation. All Samsung Life players passed the test, and the team began full-scale team training on the 15th.

Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae, who started the off-season training, said, “My biggest desire is for the players to join the team with perfect bodies in the off-season. With that in mind, we conducted a mid-season physical fitness test this time. We didn’t set the bar very high, but it’s important that the players thought about it and kept working out. I’m really satisfied,” he said of the off-season fitness test.

“This is the first time we’ve done a fitness test. We’ve talked about it before. But this is the first time we’ve done it. If there are no major problems, I would like to do it again next year, but I want to set the bar a little higher. (Laughs) I hope I can get in shape while resting,” he added.

“But I’m feeling much better these days. The men are in such good shape that they don’t need to train in the off-season. The women also do a lot of personal training nowadays. I really like that part. I hope this culture will grow in the future.”토토사이트

In fact, in leagues such as the NBA and WNBA, players join teams after they’ve gotten in shape. “It’s actually like that in the NBA and WNBA. Players join the team after building their bodies. “Of course, there are some players who don’t build up their bodies. But those players are the ones who earn it during the season. It’s their price,” he said.

“They’re not students. They are professionals. Professionals are people who do exactly what they are supposed to do. I want them to be true professionals, and that includes taking care of their bodies. I can force them, but that’s not a professional attitude. Some of the players are still young, but I want them to have this mindset.”

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