Bayern Munich convenes a disciplinary committee within the club. At the same time, Sadio Mane is expected to apologize for the assault in front of his teammates.

Bayern Munich is in crisis. In the first leg of the quarterfinals of the European Champions League (UCL) in the 2022-2023 season against Man City, it was defeated 0-3. this wasn’t the problem. Things got worse after that. Violence broke out in the locker room.

After the match, Sadio Mane punched his teammate Leroy Sane in the face. The two have already collided during the match. In the 38th minute of the second half, Mane and you had an argument. The feud between the two reached the locker room. Manet slapped you in the face in the locker room. Bayern Munich teammates stopped the two and put an end to the situation. It is known that you who were beaten had a chapped lip.토토사이트

Sky Germany reported that ‘Bayern Munich’s leadership held an emergency meeting on the 12th’. It is known that he is considering the level of punishment. It seems likely that the disciplinary decision will be made within a range from fines and suspensions to expulsion from the summer transfer window.

Sky Germany also predicted that “Mane will make an official apology in front of the team players before team training on Thursday.”

Mane moved from Liverpool to Bayern Munich ahead of the season. However, his position in the team became uneasy. pushed out of the main It is known that one of the reasons for former coach Julian Nagelsmann’s resignation was the discord within the team related to Mane’s appointment. Manager Thomas Tuchel has been appointed, but Mane is still unable to find a starting position.

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