Former coach Ryu Ji-hyeon, who was the head of professional baseball LG, will start the second act of his life by grabbing the microphone this season.

Just like the nickname ‘Kiddy’, he foreshadowed his witty wit and expressed his expectations for the WBC team.

Reporter Huh Sol-ji met.


A new baseball commentator for KBS N Sports, former LG coach Ryu Ji-hyeon, is a welcome face that appeared in the studio instead of the dugout at Jamsil Stadium.

[Caster Lee Dong-geun, member Ryu Ji-hyeon: “The director (headphones) were used upside down. (Hahaha).”]

There are some awkward points, but nearly 30 years of field experience are evident from the rehearsal. [Soundbite] Ryu Ji-hyeon/KBS N Sports Baseball Commentator: “I still have a lot of thoughts. Kim Hyun-soo would have come out with the

intention of hitting the first pitch and one-strike, but (the pitcher) is already suffering.”]

Commissioner Ryu wittily delivered a so-called ‘five-letter question and answer’ including cheering for the WBC team. 토토사이트

[‘Five-Party Talk’: “(How was last year?) I was happy. (Director’s hard?) It’s very difficult~ Especially difficult. (Are you looking forward to the commentary?) I’m nervous~ (WBC?) I’m looking forward to grades. (Expected grades are ?) America first!”]

Na Ji-wan, the man with the home run that ended the Korean series, also transformed into a KBS N commentator and contributed to the WBC national team.

[ Soundbite ] Na Ji-wan/KBS N Sports Baseball Commentator : “They represent Korea with a sense of duty and responsibility, so I believe they will do well.” Come see baseball fans.

This is KBS News Hustle.

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