The Phoenix Suns are solidly strengthening even the bench power.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnalowski, Phoenix plans to sign Terrence Ross (Guard-Forward, 201cm, 93kg), who is in the transfer market.

Ross terminated his contract with Orlando on the 12th (Korean time). He was the longest active player in Orlando, but agreed to part ways as his contract expired at the end of this season. Coming to the transfer market through a buyout, he was expected to join a team aiming for more than just advancing to the playoffs.

News came out that the Dallas Mavericks were interested in the process of mutually agreeing that Orlando and Ross would not be together. However, Ross decided to nest in Phoenix. Phoenix’s new owner and manager Monty Williams directly contacted Ross, and the conversation was effective.

Phoenix has significantly boosted its power this season by bringing in Kevin Durant, the best player in the current season, ahead of the trade deadline. They recruited Durant while giving away multiple key players and a number of nomination rights. By adding Loss to this, the somewhat vulnerable player base was reinforced. 카지노사이트

Ross has appeared in 42 games for Orlando this season. He recorded 8 points (.431 .381 .750), 2 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 22.5 minutes per game. He performed well in the 2020-2021 season, averaging 15.6 points, but his scoring average has steadily declined since.

There were many promising players in Orlando, so his role was somewhat limited. However, if you play a role like this in Phoenix, it can be helpful enough. It is difficult for Durant to play immediately due to injury. There is room for Ross to play a little more. It is positive that the outside power has been thickened with Ross joining.

Meanwhile, Phoenix is ​​in 5th place in the Western Conference with 31 wins and 27 losses so far this season. During the season, it was not easy to maintain the power as the main players were injured. Nevertheless, it is currently ranked 5th in the conference, and has emerged as a strong championship candidate with Durant.

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