On January 18, the Korea Football Association (Soccer Association) held a board meeting and decided to change the existing 2-judge system to a 1-judge system from 2023. It is a policy that changes the soccer environment of Korean soccer dreamers 180 degrees. It is an important matter for the future of Korean football. For this reason, a cautious approach is needed, a consensus among members must be formed, and above all, it must be a policy for children. However, the conflict began at the same time as the first trial system was implemented, and the controversy is growing as time goes on. There was a gap between the ideals of the Football Association and the reality of the field. In response, ‘My Daily’ covered in depth the problems and causes of conflict in the first trial system, and published a total of three series, including the voice of the field, the Football Association’s position, and the veteran coach’s revelation

. We heard the position of the Football Association about ‘distrust, distrust, and dissatisfaction’. While acknowledging that there was a lack of communication, the Korea Football Association also predicted that there could be confusion right now, but expressed that the elementary school first trial system was a necessary policy for the long-term development of Korean soccer. In particular, it was emphasized that it is a global trend.

◇ Disagreement

A policy that was pushed forward unilaterally without going through a process such as public opinion gathering or public hearing. The Football Association could not deny it either.

The Football Association said, “Earlier this year, we held the ‘2023 U-12 Leaders Conference’ in Daejeon. At this meeting, we mentioned the introduction of a first-choice system to the leaders.” This was all of the communication about the first trial.

In response, the Korea Football Association said, “We know that field leaders and referees want communication. We admit that the Football Association did not use the communication channel. We made a decision,” he said.

While acknowledging the lack of communication, there are no plans to set up a place for communication for the time being. The Football Association explained, “The Football Association has no plans to hold public hearings or collect public opinion for the time being regarding the introduction of the first referee system. We will observe and decide a little longer.”

The scene of inaction is overflowing with distrust due to the increasing number of false positives. Leaders, students, and parents do not trust the referee, and the referee is also weakened by their strong and frequent protests. As the number of referees decreased from two to one, the number of misjudgments increased noticeably. This is the biggest problem with the first trial system. is the crux of the conflict. Do you have any workaround for this?

There is virtually no countermeasure from the Football Association. It will take some time for the first trial system to settle down. It is also the logic that trust between leaders, students, parents, and referees can only be built over time. No specific solutions or supplements were suggested.

The Football Association advised, “We have to wait and see for a long time regarding the increase in misjudgments.” It means that we need to respect each other until the first trial system is established. Even if a mistake comes out, there is currently no other way other than understanding each other.

◇The purpose is growing football

Then, what is the reason why the Korea Football Association enforces the 1st trial amidst everyone’s dissatisfaction? The Football Association defined it as “growing football”.

The ‘purpose’ of the Football Association’s introduction of the 1st referee system is clearly positive and future-oriented. The slogan of the Football Association Elementary Subcommittee is ‘a culture that focuses on and respects growth and development’. The framework is that the direction of youth guidance should change from focusing on team performance to focusing on player growth. For this reason, in 2019, with the introduction of the 8-member elementary school system, the awarding of the competition was completely abolished.

The Korea Football Association introduced the 1st referee system so that young children can continue their interest in soccer rather than worrying about the results of the tournament. Enjoying soccer is more important than winning soccer. will bring you.”

◇ Expansion of opportunities for youth participation & reinforcement of referee capacity

The Football Association claims that one of the effects of the 1st trial system is the expansion of opportunities for youth players to participate.

Existing elementary school competitions focused on the upper grades. It was common for younger players to come back after cheering on their older brothers without receiving a chance to participate even if they followed them to the tournament. However, it is possible to reduce the cost of running the competition due to the first-choice system, and this cost can be used for operating costs for other lower grade competitions.

The Korea Football Association said, “The 1st trial system provides players with more opportunities to compete. With the introduction of the 1st trial system, the number of referees was reduced, resulting in a reduction in tournament operating costs. It was reduced to the level of 1. With the cost savings here, it is possible to operate even the lower grade competitions at the same time.”

It is also expressed as an advantage that it can provide more opportunities for growth to referees.

The Korea Football Association expressed expectations, saying, “If the 2-judge system is introduced in 8-a-side soccer, referees must divide the ground in half and walk only in short diagonal lines.

◇Adhering to the global trend

One of the most important elements that the Football Association expresses the necessity of the first referee system is the ‘global trend’. There is also a sense of crisis that Korea must not lag behind the global trend.

The Korea Football Association said, “The introduction of the first referee system for elementary school football started in France. After that, Belgium and Germany followed suit, and now almost all countries in Europe apply the first referee system. Among Asian countries, Japan operate,” he explained.토토사이트

I went to Japan for group training for the past two years. In 2021, 30 elementary school leaders, and in 2022, 60 elementary school leaders left for training in Japan with the Football Association.

The Korea Football Association said, “The leaders confirmed with their own eyes the operation of the first referee system in Japan. Even with only one referee, the game was run smoothly and the quality of the game was high.”

In addition, the Football Association said, “It is difficult to find referees when you go out of the European youth soccer field. One referee takes charge of the referee, assistant referee, and supervisor. Even so, there is no atmosphere that complains about the judgment. It is because of this,” he said, predicting that the atmosphere of Korean youth football will gradually change like this.

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