“Until then, we have to hold on and drag them down.”

Pohang Steelers defeated Incheon United 1-0 in the 19th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at the Incheon Football Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on May 25. With the win, Pohang regained second place with nine wins, seven draws and three losses (34 points), including a three-match unbeaten streak (two wins and one draw)온라인카지노.

An early goal proved to be the game-winner. In the 13th minute, Park Seung-wook sent the ball into the penalty box, where the penetrating Kim Seung-dae won a contest with Delbridge before slotting it home. Zeca rushed forward and slotted it home.

It was a joint goal between Kim Seung-dae and Zeca. It was Kim’s seventh offensive point in seven games since his goal against Jeju United in Round 11, and Zeca’s second in June, following his goal against Gwangju FC in Round 16.

After the game, we caught up with ‘Captain’ Kim in the Mix Zone and he shared his thoughts on the game, “We were trying to make history when we played Incheon at home, but we lost due to (Kim) In-sung getting sent off. It was a painful game for us. The whole team vowed to get revenge during the preparation. I’m doubly and triply happy that I was able to contribute to that today.”

Kim Seung-dae’s ‘trademark’ line breaking was shown in the final goal. “I always practice that pattern a lot in training. We practiced using the space that Zeca leaves and the space that I leave. I think (Park) Seung-wook did a really good job with it. The angle and speed of the ball was good, so I was able to connect with Zeca.”

Kim was genuinely happy for Zeca’s goal. “She hasn’t thanked me yet. She worked hard for it. There is no other player who plays as hard as her. She’s doing all the hard work. When she scores a goal, she’s a complete player, and it wasn’t happening. If she scores, it will be a big boost for our team. A lot of players are helping her to score. I’m glad she scored today and had a good game. It will give us a lot of confidence to prepare for the next game.”

Kim Seung-dae spoke about Pohang’s driving force: “The coach and the players have a good relationship, and the 11 who start are not a team, but the second team and the players behind them are all a team. There is a synergy where we work well together and take care of each other. The new players have tried to adapt well to the soccer Pohang wants to play, and the old players have guided and held the new players so that they don’t deviate. Other teams rely on their best players, but we don’t have that, we’re all playing together. That’s why we can be more solid than other teams.”

Ko Young-jun, the “core” of the team, was called up to the U-24 national team but suffered a serious injury against China. “When he came back to the team, he said something,” Kim said. “The national team is good, but he’s a very important player for us. (We don’t look at him as a young player, but as a good resource for the team. When he got injured, I wasn’t happy, nor were the players. He’s doing a good job for the team. I thought, ‘How do we deal with this?’ The coach is also stressed and worried. We have to show him until he comes back so that he doesn’t say, ‘We can’t do it without him.’ That way, he can recover faster. The seniors are trying to show something good, and when he comes back, it will be a huge boost for the team. It’s like me and the coach always say, we’ve got to drag him along until then. We need to improve the team’s performance,” he said.

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