In order for the KBF billiards division league ( hereinafter referred to as the division league ) to operate, each league needs a director . The director not only plays a practical role in the operation of each league, but also communicates with participating club members and identifies and resolves problems in the league . In particular, the role of the director is more important in the division league run by a small local billiards federation . The Andong City Billiards Federation, which was unable to proceed with the division league last season due to lack of participating teams, was able to form a league with 5 teams this year thanks to the active participation of local club members . Won Yu-rok, planning director of the Andong City Billiards Federation, who had to participate in the Gumi City Division League instead of the Andong City League last year , succeeded in forming the Carom A League in Andong City by claiming to be the director this year .

First of all, please introduce yourself . I am Won Yoo-rok, who serves as the head of the planning committee at the Andong City Billiards Federation and the director of the KBF Division League . Last year, I heard he participated in the division league as a team . Is there a reason you took on the role of director this year ? When I first heard that there was a division league, I formed a team to participate in the league in Andong City, but in Andong City, our team was the only participating team . In the end, there must be at least 4 teams to run the league, so instead of Andong City, I joined the nearby Gumi City League to participate in the division league . Watching the first season progress, there are many opinions that Andong-si club members want the league to be held in Andong-si, so from the second season, the Andong-si division league can be held . It was especially fun to participate as a player and experience the division league . There was a different charm of the team match than the individual match . Moving as a team rather than as an individual, I thought it could be an opportunity for club members to become more interested in and attached to the sport of billiards .

The more the division league progressed, the more attached I wanted to contribute to our team, so I applied as a director because I wanted to make not only myself but also Andong City clubmates feel this way while watching me playing billiards harder . What efforts did you make to form the Andong City Division League ? While having many conversations with Andong billiard club members, I explained what the division league was like , listened to what the club club members wanted, and tried to make it together . What does a director do in a division league ? The director is the manager who runs the league . To form a league, as a director, I have to communicate a lot with people who like billiards in the Andong area . The role of the director is not only to identify and organize the current status of club members in the region as a foundation for the formation of a league, but also to identify the current status of billiard halls and guide division leagues . Also , communication with each team master is important in running the league . It is also the director’s job to arrange and deliver orientation and promotional materials for the division league so that the masters can deliver them to the team .

After the preparations for the league are completed, safety personnel and referees who have completed safety training are placed in preparation for safety accidents, and a total of 6 rounds of league are conducted . 온라인바카라

What do you think is the most important role of a director ? Smooth running of the game is the director’s biggest role . Since it is run by handicap, you have to check whether you are playing with the right handicap, and the referee judges many parts of the game, but the director must also judge unexpected situations well on the spot and overcome the crisis well . Did the experience of participating in the division league last season as a team master help you as a director If I hadn’t had that experience , I wouldn’t have been able to prepare like this . By directly participating in the game, I was able to personally experience how the division league operates, and I was convinced that the division league would be able to settle down as a new culture for billiards . Due to participation in the competition, I fully understood the concept of the division league and was able to prepare easily as a director based on that understanding . What is the difference between the division league you felt as a contestant and the division league you felt as a director I was able to feel more rewarding as a director than as a participant . The Andong city league finished all division leagues a while ago .

There were many opinions that we should proceed quickly before Corona 19 worsened further, so we were able to finish all 6 rounds safely by pushing ahead with the schedule . While the division league was in progress, I received a lot of feedback from club members who did not participate, saying they would like to participate next year . I’m already thinking that I need to prepare better next year . What makes the division league attractive The biggest attraction is that it is a team league . Usually tournaments are over if you lose once , but since it’s a league, even if you don’t do well this time, you have a chance to do well next time . Also, it’s fun to see that the win or loss is not won by my own game, but by the entire team’s game . When 4 teams enter the match at the same time and the outcome of the 3 teams finishes and the outcome of the remaining matches decides the winner , the thrill I feel when I win the game with difficulty is different from winning the individual match . At the beginning of the league, you don’t know the opponent’s strength and you don’t know who will come out, so after various considerations, carefully submit your order and

It was good to see all the players doing their best in each game . From the middle of the league, every time the team ranking changes, the attitude of the players in the game has become serious . At the end of each round by team, analysis of the game and discussion of mistakes continued, and the attitude toward billiards as a sport gradually changed . I think this is the charm of Team League .

As a director, how can I enjoy the Division League more ? Anyway, since it’s a competition and a match, winning or losing is important . But I hope you enjoy playing billiards to the best of your ability . I think I will be able to enjoy the division league more fun if an atmosphere is created where I can do my best to play and enjoy the game regardless of win or loss . As each division has its own role, it is also important to believe in the team members and do their best when the composition of the players and the order for each game are decided . What would you like to see improved in the Division League ? I hope real-time game video is supported . Sometimes players have to play the role of referees, and if real-time video is supported, it seems that many controversies over the game can be resolved . Also , it would be nice to create a process in which team members who could not compete on the day of the game cheered and joined together while watching the video of the team members in their own space . Another thing is that if you introduce a cumulative prize system by victory point for each round, it seems that club members will have another goal and will be able to do their best until the last round . Even if it’s not a prize money, if even a small benefit is given, even if the win or loss is decided, wouldn’t it be that I would do my best until the last match?

As a director, what advice would you like to give to club members who are participating in the Division League As mentioned before, since it is a sport, winning or losing is important , but I hope that we will work together to create a billiards culture where we can hang out together and enjoy each other rather than win or lose in a game with friends . Through the division league, it is expected that it will be an opportunity to get to know billiards better and create a culture where local people can mingle . In particular, I hope that this division league will serve as an opportunity to develop billiards culture in the Andong region and to communicate and enjoy billiards .

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