Pay the lesson fee!”

When it comes to the player who holds the Lotte Giants’ fate this year, each person involved will mention a different player. Among them, there are sidearm duo Han Hyeon-hee (30) and Seo Jun-won (23) from Gyeongnam High School. If Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won occupy a spot in this year’s pitching staff, either as a starter or in the bullpen, and play an active role, they can create a perfect season.

Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won spend a lot of time together at Lotte’s Guam spring camp. Currently, neither player has entered the bullpen pitching phase. Han Hyun-hee, who joined after signing a free agent (FA) contract worth up to 4 billion won for 3+1 years this year, is currently rebuilding her body to pitch with a diet. Seo Jun-won is recovering from the aftermath of being dispatched to Geelong Korea in the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL). Both players are expected to start pitching in the bullpen from the third turn of training.

Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won are all accompanied by training coach Kim Hyun-wook during training. A legendary submarine pitcher who earned 20 wins and an average ERA of 1.88 in 1997 as a double-bell. In particular, he has an immortal record of ‘saving 20 wins’. He exhausted the entire squad with intensive training, and since then, he has been closely marking Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won while tutoring them so that they can produce the best performance with the sidearm. 바카라

Coach Bae Young-soo in the pitching part also entrusted guidance to coach Kim Hyun-wook for the transformation of the sidearm duo. Coach Bae Young-soo, watching over them, reminded Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won, “You guys, pay for the lesson!”

Both Seo Jun-won and Han Hyun-hee are clearly struggling. But I am getting over it. By writing evil, he is sublimating pain into learning. Han Hyeon-hee, who has to shed her question mark towards herself and the image of a ‘lazy genius’ in the past, and Seo Jun-won, who was also called the most talented submariner but has yet to show anything in the first team, are all happy and grateful for coach Kim Hyun-wook’s guidance.

Han Hyun-hee said, “Since coach Kim Hyun-wook is a sidearm, it seems that he is telling me and (Seo) Jun-won everything he has. He is trying to learn well,” he said. “He tells me a lot about how to bring the center of gravity to the lower body. There are many places where I was injured in the pro. As a result, I threw the ball with a high weight, but I am trying to bring the center of gravity low again. He thought that if he lowered his center of gravity, both the tip of the ball and his speed would improve, but his coach told him that.”

Seo Joon-won said, “He teaches me how to throw with a focus and gathering strength. If you do it, your strength will not gather and it will not be conveyed well. However, when I train with Coach Hyun-wook Kim, my strength is gathered and transmitted well,” he said, expressing satisfaction with Coach Hyun-wook Kim’s luxury guidance, saying, “It was a really beneficial time for me.”

Coach Kim Hyeon-wook said, “I am training to stabilize my lower body by holding my legs at the hip joint. That way, the ball will get better.” “Coach Bae Young-soo opened up my mind a lot. Thank you for telling me to share it with you if you have it.”

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