For some, it’s just one 3-point shot, but for Park Ji-won, it might be a signal to break out of an egg.

In the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league away game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 4th, Park Ji-won covered the court for 18 minutes and 05 seconds, supporting Suwon KT’s 76-73 victory.

Park Ji-won’s record on this day was 7 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal. It may be a rather ordinary record to someone, but it contains a record that has a special meaning to Park Ji-won. He made his first 3-pointer of the season.

Park Ji-won made a successful 3-point shot in the third quarter with 6 minutes and 3 seconds in front of the opponent’s defense. Park Ji-won, who had chosen a pass in the previous perfect 3-point shot opportunity, did not miss the opportunity that came again. He went up confidently, and the ball left Park Ji-won’s fingertips and cut the rim cleanly.

Park Ji-won’s first three-pointer of the season even his teammates on the bench stood up to congratulate him enthusiastically. Park Ji-won also raised three fingers and responded to the cheers of his teammates. It was a passage that showed how much the 3-point shot meant to Park Ji-won.

Park Ji-won has shown a big weakness in shooting. He was highly regarded as a guard with a good height and physique for the position and a high energy level, and was nominated as the second overall pick in the draft for new players, but this is the reason he was not moderated. This season, Park Ji-won attempted 26 2-point shots until just before the game, only 8 were successful, and 13 3-point shots were failed. The field goal success rate was 20.5%.

The teams facing KT played a sagging defense against Park Ji-won, who was weak in shooting. Even Park Ji-won lost his confidence and showed hesitation before shooting his shot. Naturally, the space for teammates became narrow and it became difficult to develop an attack.

As the losses in offense outweighed the gains through defense, Park Ji-won’s playing time decreased. Park Ji-won, who played 16 minutes and 46 seconds in his debut season, played 14 minutes and 37 seconds last season, and is averaging 9 minutes and 48 seconds this season.

However, the story is different if you put in one or two shots like today. In fact, after Park Ji-won made a 3-point shot in the middle of the 3rd quarter, the opposing defender reacted for contact whenever Park Ji-won took a shooting motion, and Park Ji-won easily released the attack by breaking through or passing. This is the reason why many coaches emphasize confidently going up regardless of whether the shot is successful or not.

Park Ji-won is a player with decent defensive skills who can block the opponent’s front line based on good physical condition 토토사이트. In an intense game with a one-point difference, the role of an ‘ace stopper’ like Park Ji-won is more important. On this day as well, Park Ji-won stepped on the court right before the end of the game and defended the opposing ace, Lee Dae-seong.

KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “(When Park Ji-won made his first three-point shot), I just felt good. He said to himself that he wanted to throw at the previous opportunity. Before that, it was a very easy opportunity, and the second was a chance to throw with (defense). It is important for a player to go up at his own timing,” he said after looking back at Park Ji-won’s first 3-point shot, “(Park) Ji-won has an advantage in defending against Lee Dae-seong and rotating defense. So he continued to use it until the end.”

Park Ji-won scored 7 points, the highest in the season, along with his first 3-pointer of the season. It was a game that was enough to regain his confidence. Can his first 3-point shot against Gas Corporation be a sign of future success?

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