Busan is the second largest city in Korea. However, in the K-League, it is far from ‘2’, which means second. During the days of Daewoo Royals, the predecessor of Busan I-Park, there was a time when they were so successful that they commanded Asia. However, the current address is the second division. It briefly rose to Part 1 in 2020, but crashed after one season.

Last year, I had a big dream. But the grades were shabby. Due to the timing of the change of manager, they stayed in 10th place out of 11 teams. It was fortunate that I succeeded in being the last to leave.

Samsepan, Busan re-challenge for promotion to the first division. It is said that ‘new wine is put in new wineskins’. This is the first season with coach Park Jin-seop, who took the helm of Busan last June, from the start. I thought it would be different, but it was actually different. The intensity of the training was beyond imagination, to the extent that players called it a ‘journey to hell’.

It was a change for a reason. Coach Park, who is continuing the winter camp in Busan after completing the field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, returned to the ‘basic’. At a press conference held at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 9th, he said, “Last year’s biggest problem was the lack of stamina in the second half. It motivates me to engrave it on my chest.”

Coach Park climbed to the command tower in Gwangju in 2018 and has the experience of leading Gwangju’s promotion to the first division along with winning the K-League 2 the following year. So, it is true that expectations are high. “It’s not much different from that time. However, there were many experienced players in Gwangju. There are many young players now. My goal is to create the atmosphere at that time.”

A team with a spirit whose youth is its weapon is scary when riding the wind. However, in times of crisis, the ability to respond decreases. Director Park emphasized that “the role of the coach is to make it possible to reverse the atmosphere,” and the

attack must be breathable. Busan lost face with the lowest score in the 2022 season. But this year, there are trials. The blood transfusion of a foreign striker, which had been ambitiously prepared since October of last year, failed at the final contract stage. There is no time to feel the pain.

“During the training camp, I trained with alternative resources. If I can’t recruit, I can start the season with other players. I’m going to make changes to score.” 안전놀이터

K-League 2 kicks off on March 1st. With the addition of Chungbuk Cheongju FC and Cheonan City FC, the number of teams increased from 11 to 13. It is a schedule of 36 matches per team. Director Park predicted, “I have to open the lid to find out, but I think managing director Kim Cheon is the best. With the consecutive appointments of Anyang and Bucheon coaches, we have been well prepared systematically. I think these teams will be the most difficult teams to deal with.”

Busan faces Cheonan away in the first game. “Since it is a new team, it is difficult to obtain much information. Our opponent is the first K League 2 match, and it is a home match, so we will prepare a lot. I came up, but I will fill in 20% of the remaining period. I will make 100% so that I can prepare for the opening game.”

Director Park focuses on ‘organization’ and ‘sacrifice’ in everything from recruiting, training, and games. “The goal is promotion. You can win and go straight to the first division, or you can go through the playoffs. The realistic goal is the playoffs. If you run towards that goal, you will be able to aim for the championship.” Busan is transforming into a fighting chicken full of fighting spirit.

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