The 17th National Disabled Student Sports Festival, the grand festival of the Korean disabled sports dreamers, opened at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 16th.

The opening ceremony was held under the theme of ‘Dreaming whales, to the sea of ​​hope!’ About 1,000 people attended, including key figures such as President Jeong Jin-wan of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Cho Yong-man, Ulsan Metropolitan City Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom, Ulsan Metropolitan City Council Chairman Kim Ki-hwan, Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Cheon Chang-soo, and more than 1,000 people, including city and provincial athletes and citizens of Ulsan. .

A team of 3479 people (1639 players, 1840 executives and officials) representing 17 provinces and cities will participate in this competition. 312 people (139 players, 173 executives and officials) participated in Ulsan, the venue, and Gyeonggi-do dispatched the most athletes with 526 people (236 players, 290 executives and officials).

The opening ceremony proceeded in the following order: entrance of the athletes, national ceremonies, welcome speech, hoisting of the competition flag, opening speech, and congratulatory speech. Ulsan Metropolitan City track and field athletes Lee Hyeon-wook and Cho Eun-ji served as athlete representatives, and swimming referee Lee Eun-sil served as referee representative and pledged to participate in the competition fairly.

In addition, Director Kim In-soo of Sports Toto Korea Co., Ltd. delivered scholarships worth 2 million won each to five disabled student athletes (Ulsan Hyun-wook Lee, Incheon Hong Jin-wook, Seoul Bae Ji-hyeon, Gyeonggi Yu Ju-ho, and Chungnam Lee Si-heon) who will lead the future of sports for the disabled. Sports Toto Korea Co., Ltd. plans to provide scholarships for students with disabilities for the next three years, including this year.

In his opening remarks, President Jeong Jin-wan of the Korean Disabled Sports Association said, “The Korea Disabled Sports Association will continue to support student athletes to achieve their wonderful dreams through sports. I will cheer for him to grow into a healthy and confident player.”

Cho Yong-man, 2nd Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, delivered a congratulatory speech, saying, “I hope that you will do your best to achieve your own dream here in Ulsan as the future national team of the Republic of Korea.”체스카지노

Ulsan Metropolitan City Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom said, “For us students with disabilities, sports are more important than competition. We will do our best to help the players who participated in this event held in Ulsan achieve their dreams.”

On the 16th, the first day of the competition, 62 dreamers won gold medals in five events (boccia, swimming, weightlifting, track and field, e-sports). On the 17th, the second day of the tournament, 14 events except for the three events of goalball, bowling, and table tennis will be held.

Meanwhile, the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled opens the Sports Human Rights Festival in the outdoor area of ​​Ulsan Sports Complex to improve the awareness of disability among the athletes and the general public visiting the competition, and to hold an event to educate sports human rights awareness.

As detailed programs, ▲Dream Paralympic Games (a sports experience-type disability awareness improvement program), ▲Disabled sports picture exhibition by Jung Eun-hye, and ▲OX quiz on disabled sports human rights will be held.

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