“I don’t know why every game is so hard (laughs).”

Anyang KGC won 64-61 in a face-to-face confrontation with SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul Samsung 2022-2023 held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 4th. KGC recorded 4 consecutive victories and ran for first place alone with a season record of 27 wins and 11 losses.

It was a game where KGC’s concentration on the winning point shone once again. Throughout the game, Samsung struggled with high energy and allowed them to pursue. Oh Se-geun was tied with 4 points, and the supply was also inferior at 26-47. He allowed 18 offensive rebounds. However, he showed his unique back-and-forth and kept the victory in a close match. 카지노

Director Kim Sang-shik said, “Every game is very difficult. He also allowed too many rebounds. There is a lot of pushed back from there. It seems that the Samsung players couldn’t cope with the part where they rushed recklessly. I have to focus more, but it was a game that was pushed back, but I think I did well until the end.”

The crisis started in the third quarter. Although they started with a 35-25 lead, Lee Jung-hyun allowed three 3-pointers to give the atmosphere a boost. Regarding this, director Kim Sang-sik said, “In the case of (Lee) Jeong-hyeon, there are several options such as a two-man game and breakthrough. So, he ordered to be hit mainly with 3-point shots, but it seems that the players had a hard time worrying about various options. After that, he ordered to go out strongly even if he gave a breakthrough.”

He also mentioned the use of Six Man. Manager Kim Sang-sik said, “Chan-hyuk (the late) and Byung-jun (Bae) are also very good players when it comes to shooting. I plan to take more time to participate because the schedule is tight. I always think about it in my head, but the timing doesn’t come out well.”

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