Yeosu Hwayanggo gets its first win in the second week of the Weekend League.

Yeosu Hwayanggo defeated Gunsan High School 85-59 after a spirited third quarter offense in the second week of the Honam and Daejeon regions of the 2023 Korean Basketball Weekend League at Gwangju Gwanggo Gymnasium in Gwangju, South Korea, on Monday.

Despite the outcome, the teams were evenly matched until the midway point of the game.

Yeosu Hwa Yanggo was on fire from the start, with Yoon Jun-sik (193 cm, F) and Lee Byung-chuk (185 cm, G) providing the scoring firepower behind the steady play of Park In-seop (178 cm, G).

Gunsan responded with Lee Kang-sun (183 cm, G) and Son Hyun-chang (190 cm, F).

The tightly contested game, in which points were exchanged, took a sharp turn in the second half.

Choi Yoo-jin (197cm, C), who had been protecting Gunsan from the first quarter, was injured when he collided with Hwayango’s Yoon Jun-sik on a rebound and suffered a torn eye, leaving Gunsan with four players on the court.

With the numerical advantage, Hwayango increased their lead as time went on, and in the fourth quarter, they could afford to play their underclassmen and ended the game with a win.

In the previous game, Jeonju, which was missing some key players but boasted a solid defense, defeated Gwangyango on its home court 102-77.

Jeonju was led by Song Kang-min (193 cm, F) with a team-high 25 points, while Kim Sang-rok (184 cm, G) and Park Yabes (188 cm, F) also scored in double figures.

Gwangju was upgraded with the addition of Kim Tae-min (186 cm, G), who was bound by the transfer restriction rules, but the team lacked the offensive explosiveness of Jeonju.

In the other South Central matchup, home court favorite Gwangju Kukjeong used a huge offensive outburst to score a whopping 50 points in the first quarter and cruised to a 123-53 victory over Jeju Dongjoong, which was playing with a new coach.

Jung Jung-min (185 cm, F), the nucleus of the KU’s offense, scored 26 points in 10 minutes of action, while Park Joo-hyun (180 cm, G) backed him up with 23 points, three rebounds, seven assists, and seven steals.

Jeju Dongjoong struggled throughout the game with Jung Yoon-seo (165 cm, G), but lacked scoring support from the rest of the team, and were unable to overcome a lack of substitutes due to team transfers and departures.토토사이트

In the second game of the South Central Division, Yeo Cheonjung defeated Gunsanjung 81-70 in a close game, while Daejeonjung also won 104-89 over Jeonju Namjung, which was led by underclassmen players.

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