The first season with the pitch clock. The effect was dramatic. There was a 97.8% reduction in games longer than three and a half hours, which can lead to spectator and viewer fatigue.

The Major League Baseball office compared game lengths from the 2022 season to this season based on results through Day 69, which began on July 7 (ET).

It found that there were 24 games under two and a half hours versus 252, and three games under two hours and 15 minutes versus 77.

And 0 vs. 6 games under 2 hours. You can see that the number of games that last less than the length of a National Basketball Association (NBA) game has increased significantly.

There were only two games this season that lasted three and a half hours or longer. That’s a drop of over 97% from the 92 games last year.

This is a remarkable result of the introduction of pitch clocks. The reduction in game duration has had the effect of increasing focus for players, spectators, and viewers alike.토토사이트

Major League Baseball introduced the pitch clock, limited the number of balks, increased base sizes, and limited defensive shifts this season.

The result has been a reduction in playing time and a significant increase in stolen bases.

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