Newcastle players gave a bloody greeting to Anthony Gordon, who became a new teammate from a foe. 

Newcastle officially announced on the 30th (Korean time) that they had recruited Gordon from Everton through their official website. 

The transfer fee was not disclosed, but according to local media, it is estimated to be 40 million pounds (approximately 61 billion won) excluding options. 

Gordon, who became Newcastle’s first recruit in the transfer market this winter, has a bad relationship with Newcastle that he wants to forget now.

Last October, Gordon, who was a member of Everton, played the 12th round of the league against Newcastle, who at the time could not even imagine that he would eat one pot rice.

While the fierce game continued, Newcastle defender Dan Byrne challenged Gordon in the penalty box, and Gordon strongly insisted that the scene was a penalty kick.

Newcastle’s Trippier, who saw this, was furious about Gordon’s claim, and the two players collided head-to-head. 온라인카지노

In this scene, Gordon’s severe swearing at Trippier was captured on camera.

Afterwards, Gordon also had a bloody fight with Newcastle’s Fabian Cher and Nick Pope, and the fierce game between the players of both teams continued to the end.

And obviously, in a situation where the sediment still remains, Gordon’s transfer to Newcastle has been confirmed.

Upon hearing the news, Newcastle’s Callum Wilson posted a photo of the bloody physical fight on his social media account and said, “If you can’t beat us, you’ll have to join us.”

In addition, Trippier, who was a party to the conflict, sent an ordinary greeting on social media, saying, “Welcome, friend, let’s go together!”, but attached a video of Gordon, who was struggling with himself at the time and swearing at him, to the post, and there is still resentment. It cheerfully conveyed the warning that it remains.

Fortunately, there seems to be no discord that fans were concerned about.

Upon seeing Trippier’s post, Gordon responded with a comment, “Thank you!” and Newcastle’s official social media account showed Gordon and Newcastle players meeting and greeting each other brightly, drawing smiles from fans.

Reporter Kim Do-jeong

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