Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain), who led Argentina to win the World Cup in Qatar, prepared a surprise gift for his teammates at a huge cost.

British media outlets, including Sun, said on the 2nd, “Messi made the latest iPhone with 24K gold plating for his colleagues and staff who led the World Cup victory in Qatar.” It has the emblem of the Football Association engraved on it.”

Messi spent £175,000 (276 million won) to build a special smartphone. He willingly spent a large amount of money approaching 300 million won for his teammates, but Messi is known to receive 1.03 million pounds (1.6 billion won) a week from his team, Paris Saint-Germain.

Ireland’s iDesign Gold, which designed and produced Messi’s ‘Custom iPhone’, said, “Messi contacted me from time to time during the production process and gave me opinions and advice on the design.” Messi’s will to give him a special gift was fully reflected in the product design.”

“Messi didn’t want a normal gift like a watch,” he added. 스포츠토토

Messi made a big mark in his football career by leading the team to victory at the World Cup in Qatar last year as a star and captain of the Argentina national team. He played in all 8 matches from the group stage to the final, scoring 7 goals and 3 assists.

The Golden Boot (scoring award) was given to teammate Kylian Mbappe (France, 8 goals), but he was recognized as the world’s best soccer player by winning the Golden Ball, the MVP of the tournament. It is the second time that Messi has been awarded the Golden Ball at the World Cup stage since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, when he was defeated in the final and stayed in second place.

Starting with the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Messi, who challenged to the World Cup final stage four times before, experienced victory in his fifth and last World Cup in his life. It was the moment when he solidified his position as the successor of the national soccer legend Diego Maradona and at the same time confirmed his dominance in the rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Portugal).

Messi, who added the World Cup winning history, had his best year by winning the FIFA World Player of the Year Award on the 28th of last month, which is awarded to the world’s best player.

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