Rory McIlroy, who missed the cut in the ‘major’ Masters Tournament last month, is challenging to restore his honor.

McIlroy will compete in the PGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship, which will be held on the 5th (Korean time) at the Quail Hallo Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The PGA Tour designated this event as a special event starting this year. The total prize money also reached 20 million dollars, more than doubling from last year’s 9 million dollars.

The tournament was held at the Quail Harlow Club, and last year it was held at TPC Potomac at Arvernell Farm due to the Presidents Cup schedule. I returned to the Quail Harlow Club again this year.

McIlroy challenged for the career grand slam at the Masters, the first major tournament of the season held last month. However, for two days, he missed the cut by hitting 5-over par. Perhaps due to the shock of his poor performance at the Masters, McIlroy did not compete for about a month.

He also failed to participate in the RBC Heritage, a high-end competition. The PGA Tour has designated 17 tournaments as special events, but you can only miss one if there is no good reason.

Already, McIlroy did not compete in the Sentry Tournament of Champions in January. RBC Heritage was the second to miss the special event.

McIlroy made his comeback at the Wells Fargo Championship, where he was well-suited. McIlroy lifted the championship cup three times (2010, 2015, 2021) in this competition. He also holds the Quail Hallo Club’s course records of 61 on 18 holes and 267 on 72 holes.

Among Korean players, Im Seong-jae, who is on the rise, is expected to play an active role. Im Seong-jae tied for 6th in the Players Championship, which is called the ‘fifth major’ in March, and tied for 7th in the RBC Heritage last month. He teamed up with Keith Mitchell for 6th at the Zurich Classic, which was held last week as a team play.크크크벳

Kim Joo-hyung, Kim Si-woo, Lim Seong-jae, and Lee Gyeong-hoon also participated as World Union team representatives in the Presidents Cup held on this course last September, so the course is not unfamiliar.

Max Houma, who is recording two wins this season, will defend his title. Homa, like McIlroy, has had a good relationship with the event. Homa, who won the first championship in his life in this event in 2019, succeeded in reclaiming the top last year and is recording two wins.

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