Asem Marey’s free throw was accurate. His pass led to a 3-point shot. This is the driving force behind LG’s victory.

Changwon LG beat Daegu Korea Gas Corporation 108-102 in an away game on the 8th. Contrary to expectations, a scramble for scoring unfolded, but LG’s concentration was better until the end.

LG only gave an average of 67.8 points in 4 confrontations with KOGAS before the match. Only 76 points were allowed in the 2nd round confrontation, but in the remaining 3 games, the score of the gas corporation was blocked by less than 70 points.

It was a fierce competition to score from the start of the game. It was the first half where reverses and reversals were repeated infinitely, to the extent that the leading team would change if you sold your eyes for a moment.

LG took a slight lead from the middle of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, they twice ran away with a 10-point difference, but they also chased up to a 2-point gap. With about 10 seconds left in the game, Lee Jae-do and Jung Hee-jae scored a victory and broke off the pursuit of KOGAS.

LG made 13 three-point shots that day. They set the record for most 3-pointers made in a game this season. The basis for this record is Marey’s assist.

Gas Corporation tended to entrust Asem Marey’s defense until the first half in a one-on-one ratio with foreign players or Jeong Hyo-geun. In the second half, it was changed to a double team.

Marey gave a pass to the outskirts as the defense rushed to him. This resulted in a 3-point shot. Early and midway through the third quarter, Lee Kwan-hee and Jeong Hee-jae received Marey’s pass and made a 3-point shot. In particular, Jeong Hee-jae’s 3-point shot was a rebound when the score was 56-60. Afterwards, LG reversed the atmosphere of the game by riding the flow.

In the middle of the 4th quarter, Jung In-deok received two consecutive passes from Marey and made a 3-point shot. It was the moment when LG ran away with a 94-84, 10-point difference.

Marey recorded 4 assists that day, all of which were passes that resulted in 3-pointers.

If the pass from Marey didn’t lead to a 3-point shot, LG could have had a difficult game.

Marey also made 5 of 6 free throws on the day. Marey’s free-throw success rate is 58.2%, which is 1 out of 2. On this day, he showed an accurate free throw. In particular, he succeeded in all four free throws at the end of the third quarter, contributing to LG’s run away 82-74. If you missed two here, the flow of the game in the fourth quarter might have changed. 바카라

Regarding the handling of the double team after the victory that day, Marey said, “The coach trusts me to pass out, and if I can try a shot, I shoot. He has been double-teamed a lot throughout his playing career, so he feels that he can score with instinct and sense. LG has a lot of good shooters, so passing out is a good method.”

When it was said that more passes from pass-outs than other games that day were connected to 3-point shots, Marey said, “Today (8th) was a good day to go in, but the player who received the pass hit and gave it back, or the 3-point shot through an extra pass There were a lot of cases that went in,” he said.

Regarding free throws, Marey said, “I accept that my free throws aren’t good, recognize that some days are good and some days are bad, and I manage my mentality to shoot even one more accurately.”

When being double-teamed, Marey is the best foreign player, passing accurate passes to teammates on the outskirts and accurate to free throws.

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