Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount was different from what was known.

During the season, there was a time when the story of Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause was briefly heated. Among the terms of Kim Min-jae’s contract, there was a buyout clause, and it was news that this clause would be activated for about two weeks from July 1, when the summer transfer market opens. At the time, Kim Min-jae played an outstanding role in Naples and grew into a defender representing Naples, and it was a time when there was talk that many big European clubs were interested in Kim Min-jae. did.

The exact amount is unknown, but speculation has circulated. The amount initially known was about 43 million pounds (approximately 72 billion) based on overseas clubs, but the influential Italian newspaper ‘Il Martino’ argued that the buyout amount of Kim Min-jae could vary depending on the size of the club approaching Kim Min-jae.

Recently, rumors of Kim Min-jae’s buyout range from 50 million euros (approximately 72.8 billion won) to 60 million euros (approximately 87.3 billion won) have begun to be heard. Manchester United’s interest in Kim Min-jae is growing, and since the news that Manchester United decided to pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout came out, interest in Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount information has also increased.토토사이트

In the midst of this, Enrico Fedele, a former agent and sports manager, argued that the stories about Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount were just inaccurate rumors. Italian media ‘Area Napoli’, which covers news related to Naples, introduced Fedele’s remarks.

Fedele said, “Can Minjae Kim really go to Manchester United? The terms of Minjae Kim’s contract include a buyout clause, and if that clause is included, you just have to pay to buy the player. You need 10 million euros? Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause is 50 million euros,” he said.

He continued, “There is talk that Min-jae Kim’s buyout clause can change depending on the team trying to recruit him, but I don’t think so. That story is just a widely spread rumor.” He insisted that the rumors could be false.

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