Hana 1 Q challenges the winning streak. 

Bucheon HanawonQ will face off against the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league Yongin Samsung Life Bluemings at the Bucheon Gymnasium on the 4th.

Hana 1Q, who caught KB after an extended battle in the previous game, challenges the first winning streak of the season on this day. However, it is regrettable that guard Kim Aena will miss the game today due to enteritis. 바카라

Manager Kim Do-wan said, “I want to win once, but (Kim) Anna had enteritis in the morning, so I couldn’t join. In a match like today, Anna has to play a backup role, so I’m more worried. For the players, the factor that won the KB game “I emphasized that we can win based on our energy by jumping one step further,” he said.

It is Hana One Q, which won Samsung Life Insurance in the 4th round. Challenge to win again in the same place.

Coach Kim said, “Anyway, (Lee) Haeran seems to be finding stability in his skills, and I think he needs to block rebounds or things like that. Kang) Yu-rim and (Shin) Seul-i talked with the players about how to reduce their 3-point shots and practiced for about a day. If we reduce the overs, we will have a good game.”

Kim Ji-young, who has been doing well in defense recently, blocks Kang Yu-rim again on this day.

Coach Kim said, “Kang Yoo-rim is blocked by Kim Ji-young. In other front lines, we have similar heights and this aspect, so we will do situations where we can switch. We will defend as man-to-man as much as possible and switch if we can’t keep up.”

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