It was downright unfortunate. However, the American media rather focused on ‘lucky’. It was a scene where fatal injuries could follow.

American professional baseball Minnesota Twins infielder Kyle Farmer (33), who collapsed after being hit in the face by a 91.6 mile (approximately 147 km) ball thrown by an opposing pitcher, returned to the ground after about a month. In a home game against San Diego held on the 11th at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Palmer returned as the sixth hitter and third baseman and recorded one hit in three at-bats.

Palmer was placed on the injured list after being hit in the face by a pitch from starting pitcher Lucas Giolito during an April 13 home game against the Chicago White Sox.

Major U.S. media such as ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo Sports reported on Palmer’s return and reconfirmed through interviews how dangerous the situation was at the time of his injury.

At the time, due to the impact of the sand dunes, a large shock was applied to the lower teeth, and the position of the teeth was greatly distorted. Along with dental work to put four of his lower teeth back in place, Palmer had to have 35 stitches or 35 stitches to seal his torn lip. “It felt like my lower teeth were covering my tongue,” Palmer recalled in an interview, recalling his injury. It seemed like he was swallowing four of his lower teeth.”토토사이트

It was this part that was fortunate. Although the teeth had suffered such a great impact, there was no serious damage to the jawbone, such as a fracture. Minnesota coach Rocco Boldelli also said, “Considering what we were worried about, we were fortunate to hear much better news.”

Palmer, who is in his 7th year in the big leagues, has only played 12 games this year. He is batting 0.235 (8-for-34) with one home run and five RBIs. For him, it is the 2023 season that has become more precious for each game.

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