“Concession? The same goes for Min Jae-hyung. It’s not a concession.”

Can Hanwha pitcher Min-woo Kim claim the honor of starting pitcher for the opening game for three consecutive years? Hanwha coach Subero, whom we met at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, has three candidates for starting pitcher for this season’s opening game: Min-woo Kim, Dong-ju Moon, and Min-jae Jang. After taking office as manager of Hanwha ,

Subero decided to select a domestic pitcher for the opening game. He mentioned the theory that a domestic pitcher, not a foreign pitcher, should pitch in the opening game. In his first year as coach, Subero selected for the opening game

. In the 2021 opening game with KT, Min-woo Kim threw 5 innings and 2 runs and resigned without a win or loss. Last year, Hanwha’s starting pitcher in the opening game was also Kim Min-woo.,But he became a losing pitcher against Doosan with 6 runs in 5 innings. Will Kim Min-woo be able to start as a starting pitcher in the opening game against Kiwoom this year? When

I asked Kim Min-woo, whom I met at spring camp, whether the coach had any mention of the selection for the opening game, he replied, “Not at all, so far.” Kim Min-woo said ,

“I want to be selected for the opening match for three consecutive years. It’s a big position. If given a chance, I’d like to try it.

” There was a burden. The second time, that kind of thing got a little better. If I go out for the third time this year? I don’t know what will happen.”

Hanwha will play the opening match against Kiwoom. Kiwoom’s starting pitcher is likely to be Ahn Woo-jin, who won the pitcher Golden Glove last year. In the selection match against Ahn Woo-jin, Lee Jung-hoo must be stopped.

When asked about the confrontation with Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin, Kim Min-woo said, “I have good grades against Kiwoom. 메이저놀이터That’s not it. Lee Jung-hoo, rather than blocking one person well, there was a good overall result,” he said. I don’t remember. I don’t care too much about the starting pitcher. He showed confidence, saying, “Because he is fighting the opponent batter.”

Kim Min-woo pitched in 3 games against Kiwoom last year and had 1 loss without a win, but threw well with an ERA of 1.89. He pitched 19 innings, giving up only 4 runs. As he says, he is confident in his grades.

He asked a nasty question. If Min-woo Kim can decide who will be the starting pitcher for the opening game, is he willing to give up his first honor to Min-jae Jang?

Kim Min-woo said, “Can I concede that? If given a chance, I won’t give in to anyone. It will be the same for Min Jae-hyung. He wants to start the opening game,” he said with a laugh.

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