■ Trophy Story – Zurich Classic

The PGA Tour Zurich Classic has a distinctive feature from other tournaments. It’s a two-person team matchup. Unlike other competitions where the rankings are determined by stroke play by individual players, the Zurich Classic has been giving a different kind of fun since 2017 with a team match played in a four-ball and four-some format. Established in 1938, the competition has changed its name and the way the winners are celebrated often, as long as it has a long history. The large crystal trophy awarded to the recent winner was also newly created from 2019.

The trophy for winning the Zurich Classic was produced by Waterford, a famous Irish crystal manufacturer. Waterford is a famous company that makes crystal trophies used in various events as well as the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour. It is completed by combining crystal parts handcrafted by craftsmen. It is known that it takes more than 30 hours even with the hands of a skilled craftsman. 먹튀검증

The size of the trophy is 22 inches (about 56 cm) in total, from the pedestal in the shape of an upside down cup to the top decoration in the shape of the ‘Fleur de Lys’, the symbol of New Orleans, where the competition is held. The fleur de lys is a popular form of lily of France. The area around the Mississippi River, including New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana, was an area ruled by France in the past. The large Fleur de Lys at the top of the championship trophy, which was born under the influence of it, reveals the history and symbolism of Zurich Classic.

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