In 2015, stars poured in on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour. It was also at this time that three people of the same age, born in 1995, Ko Jin-young, Baek Kyu-gyu, and Kim Min-seon (now renamed Kim Si-won) were called ‘troika’ and received the spotlight. Since then, they have increased their name value by sweeping a total of 19 wins on the domestic tour.

8 years since then. Golf officials are tying Kim Min-seon (20), Hwang Yu-min (20), and Lee Ji-hyeon (21), who will debut on the KLPGA tour this season, as the new ‘troika’. Among them, Kim Min-seon ranked 13th in the Dream Tour prize money last year, securing a seed for up to 20th place, and was the first to confirm entry into the KLPGA regular tour. Kim Min-seon, whom I recently met, said, “It’s an honor to follow in the footsteps of great seniors and receive attention.” “I will do my best to become someone’s role model.”

Coincidentally, Kim Min-seon is the same as Kim Min-seon, the former name Kim Si-won used when he formed a troika eight years ago. At that time, Kim Si-won played an active role as Kim Min-seon 5 according to the KLPGA tour registration name regulation. So, the ‘junior’ Min-sun Kim who registered in the 6th association under the name of Min-sun Kim must become Min-sun Kim 6. However, the number 6 did not pull. Of course, it overlapped with Lee Jung-eun 6 (27), who plays on the LPGA tour. Lee Jeong-eun regards the number after her name as her symbol, to the extent that her nickname is ‘Hot Six’.

That’s why I chose ‘Kim Min-seon 7’. Kim Min-sun said, “When you say the number ‘7’, most people think of good images such as ‘luck’.” “If I entered the LPGA tour in the future, I also considered the part where the number behind my name overlaps with Lee Jeong-eun, and I also avoided the number 6 out of respect. ”he explained. 카지노

Kim Min-seon is also similar to Kim Si-won in that he uses long hits emanating from his body as his main weapon. Siwon Kim, who is 175 cm tall, ranked second for two consecutive years in the long hit category in 2015 (252 yards) and 2016 (254 yards). Kim Min-sun, who is 2 cm taller than her senior, hits about 262 yards with a driver. As of last year, it is a long hit that ranks second overall on the tour. Kim Min-seon said, “I started playing golf at the age of 10 because I liked the ball going far.”

Another strength of Kim Min-seon 7 is that he seldom shows his emotions during the game. His friends gave him the nickname ‘Poker Face’. Kim Min-seon said, “I have a strong desire to compete, so everyone approaches me passionately, so I don’t think I can even afford to put an expression on my face.” He said, “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t want to win the championship in my debut year.”

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