The decision to renew a foreign player was postponed until the draft.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) changed the schedule for submitting contracts for contract players regarding the rules for exercising the priority of the contract player in the contents of the 2023 KOVO Men’s Foreign Player Tryout Guidelines. Originally, it was until 6:00 pm on the 7th, the day before the draft (local time, midnight on the 7th), but it was changed to after the last practice game before the draft was over (1:00 pm on the 8th, local time, 7:00 pm on the 8th, Korean time).

The reason is that I haven’t seen all 토스카지노 the draft players. On the 6th, the first day of tryouts, 29 people attended, and on the 7th, Dowdy Dickello joined. On the 8th, 5 players, including Arpad Barrotti, Jose Masso, Christian Lawrence, Brandon Rattray and Joao Nolletto, will join the team for the final practice game.

In particular, among the players joining on the 8th, it is necessary to check the skills of Jose Masso (26, Cuba, 2m2) and Christian Lawrence (20, Puerto Rico, 2m2). Matso was the player who drew the most attention in this tryout as the number 1 preference, and Lawrence also ranked 6th.

Among the teams considering renewing the contract, I tried to check it until the end, and it was decided after seeing all the players and deciding after consultation with the 7 men’s clubs. It was a decision that could be made because it was a face-to-face tryout where you could see the players’ skills in person.

For this men’s tryout, practice matches, physical measurements, and medical checks were held on the 6th, and on the second day, the 7th, a practice match and a meeting with the club will be held. On the last day, the 8th, the last practice game is held, and foreign players who will play in Korea in the 2023-2024 season are determined by draft.

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