The vice-presidents of the Korea Football Association and all the board members expressed their intention to resign en masse, taking responsibility for the controversy over the recent amnesty for corrupt soccer players. 28 executives who expressed their intention to resign this time include Kim Ki-hong (64) and Jo Byung-deuk (65), all vice-chairmen, and Park Kyung-hoon (62), executive director of the association and subcommittee chairman. The association said on the 4th, “They will submit a formal resignation sooner or later.” According to the association’s articles of association, when an appointed officer submits a resignation letter, it is considered resignation regardless of acceptance. It is known that the executives discussed the resignation through a meeting from the morning of the same day. However, Chairman Chung Mong-gyu (61) was not included in the resignation list.안전놀이터

Executive Director Park Kyung-hoon said, “As the executive director in charge of practical administration, I felt deeply responsible for the current situation and deeply reflected. Previously, many directors expressed their intention to resign.” An official from the association said, “We plan to come up with measures as soon as possible to prevent an administrative vacuum from occurring.”

Prior to this, Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo and Lee Dong-guk and Social Contribution Committee Chairman Cho Won-hee first announced their intention to resign through personal Instagram (social media) around midnight on the 3rd. Vice-Chairman Lee Young-pyo (46) apologized, saying, “I am stepping down from my position with responsibility for failing to block the passage of the board of directors regarding the Korea Football Association’s disciplinary pardon.” Vice-Chairman Lee Dong-guk (44) also said, “I assumed the position with the hope of repaying the love I received as a player through administration, but there were many shortcomings.” However, comments such as “It’s not that I couldn’t stop it, it’s that I didn’t stop it” and “People have already lost their minds” were posted in their resignation posts.

On the 28th, the association suffered a storm after announcing that it “decided to pardon 100 footballers, including former and current players, leaders, referees, and executives of the group who are under disciplinary action.” Among those who were pardoned, there were 48 people who were expelled in 2011 for fixing matches in professional football, so criticism was strong. In addition, the time when the association distributed the press release was one hour before the start of the national team evaluation match (Uruguay), causing controversy over the’surprise pardon’. Eventually, the association held a temporary board meeting on the 31st, three days later, and completely withdrew the amnesty. However, Chairman Chung did not have a question and answer period after announcing his position and did not disclose the specific decision-making process. As a result, criticism continued that the amnesty was suddenly handled without a sufficient opinion collection process.

An official from the soccer world said, “It will not be easy for Chairman Chung to avoid responsibility in relation to this situation.”

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