This time, Lee Seung-hyun’s void must be filled. How was Kim Sang-kyu’s performance against DB?

Lee Seung-hyun is in a situation where he is leaving the team for the time being as he is diagnosed with an elbow injury for 4 weeks. He says he could return a little earlier, but the timing isn’t good. In the middle of the fierce battle for the playoffs in the round of 6, the void of Lee Seung-hyun, who cannot be replaced, is inevitable.

With Kim Sang-gyu and Seo Jung-hyun being considered as the biggest replacements at the same time as the injury, Kim Sang-gyu’s role has become more important than ever. There is also Seo Jeong-hyeon, whose weapon is high BQ, but it is a resource that has not yet been proven in the first team.

In fact, this situation is not unfamiliar to Kim Sang-gyu. Last season, when Song Gyo-chang (manager) left the team for a long time due to a serious injury of a finger fracture during the season, he made good use of the opportunity. Kim Sang-gyu, who was guaranteed a playing time, played 21 minutes and 22 seconds last season and recorded career highs in all areas with 7.1 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.2 assists, repaying the trust and filling the gap of Song Gyo-chang. 스포츠토토

KCC’s first game without Lee Seung-hyun, Kim Sang-gyu was listed in the starting lineup as expected. He started badly. The inbound pass was put in unsafely, and as a result, he started the game with an error. However, he immediately made up for his mistake by making KCC’s first goal by breaking through with speed.

He also diligently participated in the team’s fast break. He received a pass from Jeong Chang-young and scored a quick break, and in the second quarter, Kim Sang-gyu’s offensive rebound was connected to Heo Woong’s 3-point shot. He then cut the rim to the first 3-point shot of the game, taking the lead in KCC’s pursuit with Heo Woong.

On this day, Kim Sang-gyu played 30 minutes and recorded 9 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Although his performance in the second half was insignificant, it is clear that he was more than expected, considering the fact that he struggled with the height of the DB overall and the average score that was only 1.9 points before the game that day.

It will not be easy to fill Lee Seung-hyun’s void 100%, but it will be an important 4 weeks for KCC whether Kim Sang-gyu will be able to respond once again in the opportunity that has come again.

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