Lee Kang-in’s dribbling ability was found to be at the top of the world’s under-23 (U-23) players.

The International Center for Sports Research (CIES) under the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) announced on the 4th (Korean time) 100 players with excellent dribbling skills among U-23 players active in major leagues around the world. FIFA CIES selected the top 100 players by surveying the dribbling abilities of U-23 players who played more than 1,500 minutes in the league this season.안전놀이터

Lee Kang-in participated in 31 Primera Liga games this season and recorded 6 goals and 4 assists. He became the first Korean player to reach 10 attack points in a single season in the Primera Liga, and is also showing outstanding ability in dribbling. Lee Kang-in succeeded in breaking the dribble 69 times in the Primera Liga this season, and boasts the 5th highest number of dribble breakthroughs among players active in the Primera Liga.

According to FIFA CIES, Lee Kang-in’s dribble success rate is 66.7%. Lee Kang-in had the highest dribbling success rate among the U-23 players whose dribbling ability was recognized in the Primera League. Lee Kang-in showed a dribble breakthrough once every 28 minutes and 46 seconds compared to the playing time.

Villarreal’s Pino, who succeeded in dribbling stones 38 times in the Primera Liga this season, also recorded a dribbling breakthrough success rate of 66.7% with Lee Kang-in.

Vinicius of Real Madrid, who has successfully broken through 103 dribbles in the Primera Liga this season, recording the highest number of successful dribbles in the league, only had a successful dribble breakthrough rate of 50.3%. Vinicius, who is recording a success rate of 50%, showed a dribble breakthrough once every 15 minutes and 32 seconds compared to the playing time. In addition, Rodrygo of Real Madrid succeeded in breaking the dribble 74 times, with a success rate of 61.1%.

Meanwhile, Kvarachhelia, who is leading Napoli’s attack this season, recorded 47.5% of the dribble penetration success rate. It was revealed that Kvarachhelia showed a dribble breakthrough once every 19 minutes and 6 seconds compared to the playing time. Among the U-23 players active in Italy’s Serie A, Samargić (Udinese) recorded the highest number with a 58.4% dribble breakthrough success rate. In the English Premier League, Buonanote (Brighton Hove & Albion) had the highest dribble success rate at 62.5%. Kudus (Ajax) of Ghana, who scored multiple goals in the Qatar World Cup match against Korea, recorded a dribble success rate of 76.9%, which was the highest among the 100 U-23 players with the best dribbling ability in the world.

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