“We all raised the mood together, so it continued until today (25th).”

Dankook University won 80-48 in the 7th game of the season against Myongji University held at the Dankook University Gymnasium on the 25th. With the victory, Dankook University recorded 4 wins and 3 losses with Myongji University, and tied for 4th place.

Dankook University, which had a bad start at the beginning of the season, has recently been on the rise with three consecutive victories. It is no exaggeration to say that today’s game reached its peak.

Before the start of the season, Dankook University, which was evaluated as weaker than last season, showed that it could make up for the weakness of height with an organized defense and all rebounders.

Among them, Lee Doo-ho flew around in an attack. Lee Doo-ho led the scoring with 18 points and 9 rebounds that day.온라인카지노

In an interview with a relay broadcast after the victory, Lee Doo-ho said, “All of the well-prepared things during the break came out well. Together, he was able to win. Because of my short stature, I practiced double team and rotation defense a lot,” he said, citing defense as a factor in winning.

Dankook University’s regional defense stood out.

Lee Doo-ho explained the details of the defense in detail, saying, “Originally, I only raised my hands when the ball went over to the corner from the regional defense, but after inducing a break through with strong pressure, the double team defense worked well.”

Dankook University was expected to be inferior in rebounds, but rather overpowered them with a score of 39-26.

Lee Doo-ho said, “When we threw a shot, everyone told us not to look at the shot and to box out hard.

Lee Doo-ho not only hit two 3-pointers from the outskirts, but also harassed the Myongji University defense with a post-up when there was a mismatch.

Lee Do-ho said, “When I played 2-on-2, the guards in front didn’t get greedy and went all the way in and gave me a pass. There was no one in front of him, so he could see all the shots and penetrations with ease. I played slowly, so it was good to shoot and break through confidently.”

Lee Doo-ho, who continued his sense of scoring by scoring 28 points in the game against Hanyang University, said, “We worked out together and did not create a sluggish atmosphere. gave it He turned the ball to his teammates, saying, “Because he raised the mood together, it continued until today (25th).”

Considering his height of 191cm, senior Lee Doo-ho needs to focus more on outside play for his future.

Even so, Lee Doo-ho said, “He doesn’t care too much and finds something helpful for the team, so he plays behind the net.”

Dankook University will have an away game against Kyunghee University on May 3rd.

Lee Doo-ho hoped, “Just as my teammates help me a lot, I want to help my teammates and play my games leisurely and win.”

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