Do they really need to be in the top five?

The Lotte Giants have lost a league-high 71 games this year. While this could mean that their pitching staff is solid, it also means that there have been a lot of three-run games and a lot of bullpen work.

In addition to Koo Seung-min, who is the second pitcher in history to reach the 20-hit plateau in four consecutive years (21), there are 13 other pitchers with 20 or more holds, including Kim Sang-soo (17), Kim Jin-wook, Choi Jun-yong (8), Shim Jae-min, Yoon Myung-joon (4), Han Hyun-hee (3), Lee Tae-yeon, Choi Yi-joon, Jung Sung-jong, Kim Do-kyu, Shin Jung-rak, and Jin Seung-hyun (1).

It was a pattern for Lotte, who had to use not only their pitchers but also other players in close games. Out of 115 games (54 wins, 61 losses) this year, Lotte has played 76 games with three runs or less. That’s 66% of their games. They also played 24 one-run games (12 wins and 12 losses). The lack of offense was another reason for the close games.

The pitchers in the rotation are not afraid to pitch in clutch situations. They say they don’t mind pitching back-to-back games. It’s not just Lotte. Bullpen pitchers from all teams say they are willing to put their bodies on the line. Lotte’s 35-year-old veteran Seung-jo Kim recently said, “I’m confident of pitching five games in a row.”

However, a pitcher’s shoulder is expendable, and physical strength is bound to deplete as the season progresses. Stamina cannot be stockpiled. The risk of injury naturally increases as fitness decreases. Lotte’s bullpen pitchers have pitched in as many games as they have recorded holds. Kim Sang-soo is tied for the most appearances with Kim Jin-sung (LG) with 63, followed by Koo Seung-min with 61. Closer Kim Won-joong also has 25 saves, but has already appeared in 52 games.

He’s getting tired after all. Kim Sang-soo has appeared in 24 games, the most in the second half of the season, and he’s had some great streaks in the second half of the season, including four three-game streaks and one four-game streak. However, he took the mound against the Changwon NC on April 8 while not feeling his best. It was the team’s sixth game of a nine-game series this week, and Kim was making his fourth start.

In the bottom of the seventh inning with a 3-2 lead, he gave up a walk to Son As-seob, a single to Seo Ho-cheol, and a double to Park Gun-woo. After throwing nine consecutive pitches, he did something uncharacteristic of Kim Sang-soo and went down with a strained right adductor muscle. The club announced that he was struck down with an adductor muscle spasm, and after monitoring his condition, he was scheduled for a medical examination on the morning of the 9th. Kim had to be helped off the mound by trainers.

Earlier in the day, Koo Seung-min also showed signs of discomfort. Koo Seung-min felt discomfort in the back of his right shoulder against Sasik Doosan on April 4 and was pulled early after just one inning. He was rested without incident, but had to be rested again after throwing one scoreless inning against Samsung Electronics in Ulsan on July 7.

Throughout the season, Lotte’s bullpen has had to take the mound with high levels of fatigue. However, the results have not been entirely positive for Lotte. They were in the top three until May and even took the lead at one point, but since then, they’ve fallen from seventh to struggling to make the top five.메이저사이트

The bullpen was inevitably sacrificed in order to make a late push for the top five. Without giving up on the season, they can’t afford to rest their top pitchers. However, the hopes for a top-five finish are fading with each passing game.

In the 8th game, despite Kim Sang-soo’s best efforts, the team lost again 3-4. As time passes, the pitchers’ efforts are becoming increasingly faint and meaningless. There is no point in going to the fifth round like this. I’m not discouraging hope, but this is the reality.

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