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Following the last Tokyo Olympics, Kim Hyeon-soo took over as the captain of the national team at the WBC this year.

He gave sincere advice to his juniors, saying that he was preparing for the so-called ‘last dance’ with his Taegeuk mark.

This is reporter Park Jae-woong from Arizona.

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Age 35 this year.

We asked Kim Hyun-soo, who has gone through a lot of struggles before and after childbirth, from the KBO League to the Major Leagues, about his goals for this year.

[Kim Hyun-soo/LG]
“I don’t have any more sincerity. I don’t have anything to say that I’m sincere anymore, and I have to (win). I have to…” The

WBC team made a claim as if it were natural. 바카라

This is already my fourth national team captain.

[Kim Hyun-soo/LG]
“(At the first meeting of the national team), everyone looked at me. It seems that it has already ended there. I know the people who manage the KBO and the national team well, and I know a lot of players…” Choi Ji-man’s

joining I have to prepare for the first baseman when it fails, but I feel a sense of responsibility because I think it might be the last time.

[Kim Hyun-soo/LG]
“Well……what should I do? “

Coincidentally, his role became clearer as 6 players were selected for the national team only in LG.

[Kim Hyun-soo/ LG]
“(Kim) Yoon-shik is too young and he was first selected, and (Jung) Woo-young and (Kim) Yoon-sik could do an over-face, so it’s true that they should go out and do well, but I told them not to over-face.”

And he didn’t forget a single sharp word.

[Kim Hyun-soo/LG]
“I just say one thing. <Don’t disgrace the national team, with action.> It can’t be helped that he doesn’t get good grades, but he says let’s not go out and shame his actions.”

Kim Hyun-soo is serious about LG’s challenge to win the championship in 29 years.

He joins Kang-Cheol Lee next week with the responsibility of captaining the national team.

This is MBC News Park Jae-woong from Arizona.

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