KOREA achieved excellent results in the Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament.

The KOREA team won the runner-up in the ‘1st Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament with 2NT Bugs’ held at the National Sports Center in Seo-gu, Incheon on the 5th.

KOREA, which started in Group B of the preliminary round, advanced to the semifinals with a good performance from the start. In the semifinals, it was KOREA that reached the final stage by winning 21-14 against Bucheon Hype.

KOREA, which challenged to win the championship, showed outstanding potential in the final against Gangseo Thunders. At the beginning of the game, I gave up the lead, but I didn’t give up and reversed it, and I continued to fight until the end. Although the championship trophy was unfortunately handed over, the KOREA players who had a great match deserved applause.

Hong Jo-wan was the ace who led KOREA through the finals. Hong Jo-Wan, a tall and all-weather player who came and went in and out, broke the momentum of the opponent by hitting a reverse layup that was difficult to use in the semifinals. In the finals, he showed a strong commitment to rebounding and had a fierce showdown with Gangseo Thunders Kim Seok-hwan.

Hong Jo-wan, who finished his one-year schedule, gave credit to his teammates and coaching staff. Of course, he seemed to be regretful about losing in the final, but he was more proud of finishing the tournament well.

Hong Jo-wan expressed his gratitude, saying, “I was happy throughout the year with his friends. I was able to come this far thanks to the help of my teammates and the teachings of my coach. This is something I could never have accomplished alone.”

He then looked back on the tournament, saying, “I usually talk a lot with my teammates. Today, although I was excited at the end, the teammates cooperated with passion and encouraged each other, even the players on the bench did well.” 메이저사이트

Hong Jo-wan likes Michael Jordan. Since he possesses excellent skills, he might have thought of entering elite basketball, but Hong Jo-wan said that he would continue to enjoy basketball as a hobby. 

Hong Jo-wan smiled and said, “I have no intention of playing elite basketball. But I will continue to play basketball as a hobby in the future. I really enjoyed the year and was happy to be able to play with my friends. Thank you very much for working hard until the end.”

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