The ‘National Youth Soccer Tournament Invited by the Presidential Office’ will be held at the soccer field in Yongsan Park, which is open to the general public for the first time in 100 years.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 19th that it will hold a national youth soccer tournament invited by the Presidential Office in 2023 at the Yongsan Park soccer field to expand the soccer base. The competition schedule is 7 days. The first round of qualifiers will be held from April 29 (Sat) to the 30th (Sun), and the second round of qualifiers will be held from May 5 (Fri) to 7 (Sun). The tournament will be held from May 13 (Sat) to 14 (Sun).먹튀검증

32 teams under the age of 8 (U8), 32 teams under the age of 10 (U10), and 32 teams under the age of 12 (U12) will participate in this national youth football tournament invited by the President’s Office. The U8 and U10 competitions are 4-person competitions, and the U12 competitions are 8-person competitions.

The Korea Football Association explained, “This tournament not only organizes soccer games, but also organizes a separate event program zone so that participants and ordinary citizens can enjoy various cultural experience programs and give away prizes.”

In addition, trophies and separate prizes will be awarded to the championship, runner-up, and joint 3rd place teams by age group. Souvenirs and medals are awarded to all participating students. The purpose of this tournament is to instill a culture of knowing how to enjoy soccer regardless of competition.

Applications for participation in the National Youth Soccer Tournament invited by the Presidential Office are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Details can be found on the notice board of the Korea Football Association website (

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