Klinsmann returns home after a month
Schedule changes amid remote work controversy and more

Jürgen Klinsmann, the 59-year-old coach of the South Korean national soccer team who has come under intense criticism over the “remote control” controversy, has called for the team to be judged by the results of the Asian Cup.

Klinsmann returned home on Thursday afternoon through Incheon International Airport with the national team, which completed a two-match A series in September. “I’m happy to be back, and I heard that a lot of people were waiting for me, so I came in,” said Klinsmann, who stepped on Korean soil for the first time in about a month after leaving the country for a charity event and a European inspection.소닉카지노

Initially, Klinsmann had planned to return to South Korea at the end of the month after continuing to “work remotely” in Europe instead of returning directly from England, where he played an A-match, but he changed his schedule after public opinion in South Korea worsened. “After talking a lot with the federation, I decided to come to Korea,” Klinsmann said. Klinsmann, who was named head coach of the national team in February, has spent just 67 days in South Korea so far. The team did not win any of its previous five matches (three draws and two losses) before getting its first win against Saudi Arabia on March 13 (1-0).

When asked about the criticism directed at him, Klinsmann said, “It’s not long until the Asian Cup. I’m confident that we’ll do well at the Asian Cup.” “I think you have to be judged by your results at the big tournaments. We will prepare well for the Asian Cup with the best squad.” “If we don’t do well at the Asian Cup, we will be tested. We will focus on bringing home the Asian Cup trophy.”

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