“It’s Kim Yeon-kyung” “Wow, it’s great” On the

29th around 1:00 pm, the lobby on the 2nd floor of Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon became noisy. When ‘World Class’ Kim Yeon-kyung appeared at the 4 Cuts of Life photo booth at the event, fans burst into cheers and started taking pictures with their smartphones.

On this day, Samsan World Gymnasium, where the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game will be held, fans started entering at 11:30 am and was almost full in about 30 minutes. The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) has prepared an event for fans where V-League stars can directly communicate with fans.

V-League top star Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Hee-jin, Moon Seong-min, and Na Gyeong-bok took pictures with fans at the photo booth. Kim Yeon-kyung, who received the most votes (82,297 votes) in the online fan vote, and Lee Seon-young were the first to take four pictures of her life. She said that Lee’s friends couldn’t hide their envy, saying, “You’re crazy, you’re crazy!”

Upon welcoming Ms. Lee into her booth, Kim Yeon-kyung posed with her fans, drawing her V with her fingers or making hearts together. After taking a picture with Kim Yeon-kyung, Mr. Lee said with a raised voice, “I’ve liked Kim Yeon-kyung since the Tokyo Olympics, and I’ve been looking for all of the Chinese leagues.” “It’s an honor,” he replied. “She told me not to expect a ceremony from her sister,” she adds, and she laughs.

IBK Industrial Bank Kim Hee-jin and office worker Kim Yoo-rim, who took the picture, said, “I said, ‘My sister must be having a hard time, what should I do?’ She was so shaken that she couldn’t remember what she was saying.” “I didn’t expect an opportunity like this to exist, but thank you for making it,” she said. “It’s nice to have more events than last year,” she said.

Han Se-ah and Roh Yoon-chae, born in 2009, ran from Sejong to Incheon in a month to watch the All-Star Game. Noyang, a fan of KEPCO Lim Seong-jin, said, “I came from afar because I wanted to participate in a big festival.” Hanyang, who received Hyundai Construction’s Hyojin Yang’s autograph at the Cobo Market, said with a trembling voice, “I was glad to hear her, and I called her sister’s name behind her, and she turned around. She’s pretty and the fan service is really good,” she said.

College student Kim Yeon-woo (21) visited the All-Star Game wearing a Woori Card uniform with Kim Ji-han’s name on it. He expressed his satisfaction with Kim Ji-han, who dyed his hair yellow, and said, “I like the bold transformation, and I’m looking forward to having pretty hair in a different color. I voted hard, and I feel good that Kim Ji-han was selected as an All-Star.” 슬롯사이트

Meanwhile, the All-Star Game will be played in front of a full crowd for the first time in four years. This year’s All-Star Game title was MZ, and the men’s team was born around 1995, and the women’s team was formed around 1996, respectively.

In the women’s division, the main characters of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics semifinal myth, such as Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Hee-jin, Park Jung-ah, Yang Hyo-jin, Kim Su-ji, and Lee So-young, united as M-stars. The Z Stars were selected by Kang So-hui, Lee Da-hyun, Choi Jeong-min, and Lee Joo-ah, who were active in the 2022 Volleyball Nations League (VNL). In the men’s division, attention is focused on the confrontation between M-Star and Z-Star, who compete for first and second place in each category this season. Two foreign players Leo and Ikbairi compete for the score, Leo and Heo Soo-bong for the serve, and old and new middle blockers Shin Young-seok and Lee Sang-hyun for the fast attack.

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