Shinhan Bank tied for third place.

Incheon Shinhan Bank defeated Bucheon Hanawon Q 85-72 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at the Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 6th. Achieved 3 wins in a row. With 13 wins and 10 losses, he tied for third place with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance.

Ace, Sonia Kim (177cm, F), scored 10 points in the third quarter alone. Lee Kyung-eun (174cm, G) scored 3 points when it was crucial, and Lee Hye-mi (170cm, G) also played an active part. Because many players did their part, Shinhan Bank was able to secure victory early.

1Q: Incheon Shinhan Bank 15-13 Bucheon HanawonQ: Rebound

[Shinhan  Bank -HanawonQ, major record comparison in 1Q]

– Defensive rebound: 9-6 – Offensive rebound: 3-1 Before the game, “I think the defense against people has been established to some extent. But no loose ball fights. Even with good defense, they allow more than a second chance. If that happens, you will lose strength,” he said, referring to one of Hana 1 Q’s weaknesses.
On the other hand, Shinhan Bank is a team that is good at fighting loose balls against Xinjiang. Even though the height is low, it catches loose balls with quick movement and quick falling point capture. This is a team that knows how to raise its own morale.
The same goes for the first quarter of the Hana One Q match. At the beginning of the first quarter, Kim Jin-young (177cm, F), Kim Sonia (177cm, F), and Kim Tae-yeon (189cm, C) led the rebound, but after the middle of the first quarter, several players actively participated in the rebound and won a loose ball. Shinhan Bank, which had a lot of rebounds, attacked more than Hana 1Q and scored more than Hana 1Q because of more attacking opportunities.

2Q: Incheon Shinhan Bank 37-32 Bucheon HanawonQ: Assists

[Shinhan Bank-HanawonQ, 2Q major record comparison]
– Score: 22-19
– Assists: 9-4
– Number of assists: 4-4
 * Shinhan Bank leads all
 * Lee Kyung-eun (Shinhan Bank) 2Q assists: 4 -> Most 2Q assists among players from both teams

Basketball is a sport that gives victory to the team that scores the most points. The most important factor is ‘scoring’.
But it takes a lot to score. The fundamental factor is personal skill. Teams with more 1v1 players are more likely to score more goals.
But there is one thing we must not forget. Basketball is a sport where 5 offense and 5 defenders compete. Both the attacking and defending teams value organization. So the attacking team needs to create options to utilize teammates in addition to 1v1.
One of them is ‘Pass’. A quick, many pass or a pass by momentary timing can create scoring opportunities. Shinhan Bank’s second quarter was the same. He scored more goals than Hana 1 Q with more assists than Hana 1 Q. If he had the advantage in the first quarter because of rebounds, he could have had the advantage in the second quarter because of his assists.

3Q: Incheon Shinhan Bank 60-51 Bucheon Hana 1Q: Ace Ga-won

[Sonia Kim Quarter Record]
– 1Q: 10 minutes, 4 points (2 points: 2/6), 3 rebounds, 1 assist
– 2Q: 8 minutes 31 seconds, 4 points Points (2 points: 2/3) 2 rebounds 2 assists
– 3Q: 10 minutes, 10 points (2 points: 3/4, free throw: 4/4) 1 rebound (attack) 1 steal

Sonia Kim is Shinhan in the 2022-2023 season It is the ace of the bank. The energy level and attack power are top-notch in the league. Gunadan is also a player who can match the color that Shinhan Bank coach is pursuing.
However, Sonia Kim focused on court balance until the first half. He cared more about team play than scoring. Also, Hana 1Q’s defense under the goal, centered on Yang In-young (184cm, F), was solid, so there wasn’t much Sonia Kim could do.
However, after Yang In-young retired to the bench, Sonia Kim actively played one-on-one. Utilizing the slow feet of Hana Kim (180cm, F), she dug into the rim of Hana 1Q. Score or foul free throws. Scored with a simple and easy strategy. Sonia Kim’s strategy was the key to the difference between Shinhan Bank and Hana 1Q.

4Q: Incheon Shinhan Bank 85-72 Bucheon HanawonQ: natural enemy

[Shinhan Bank-HanawonQ, 2022~2023 match results]
1. 2022.11.13. (Incheon Dowon Gymnasium): 66-47 (win)
2. 2022.11.24. (Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium): 70-63 (win)
3. 2022.12.15. (Incheon Dowon Gymnasium): 73-58 (win)
4. 2023.01.21. (Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium): 71-57 (win)
5. 2023.02.05. (Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium): 85-72 (win)
 * Including 6 rounds in the 2021-2022 season, 6 consecutive wins against Hana 1Q It

is true that Sonia Kim showed power in the 3rd quarter, but another reason why Shinhan Bank was ahead in the 3rd quarter there is This is Hyemi Lee. She supported Sonia Kim with 3-point shots, dribble jumpers, and foul free throws. 6 points in the 3rd quarter only. He showed confidence in the 4th quarter as well. Scored by running away with a jumper.
Shinhan Bank took a 64-56 lead in 2 minutes and 45 seconds of the fourth quarter. And when 3 minutes and 51 seconds had passed since the start of the 4th quarter, Lee Kyung-eun scored a 3-pointer from a 45 degree angle to the right. The score ran away with a double-digit score difference (69-59). It meant a lot. 안전놀이터
Shinhan Bank, which escaped by a double-digit score, kept the final time well. He showed off that he was Hana One Q’s natural enemy. Including round 6 of the 2021-2022 season, he reported 6 consecutive wins against Hana One Q.

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