The results of the second round of FA negotiations have been announced.

WKBL announced the results of the 2nd FA negotiations in 2023 through a press release on the afternoon of the 20th. According to data published by WKBL, a total of 11 players signed contracts through secondary negotiations.

In the second round of negotiations, there are two players who have found a new team. Kim Jong-un, who played for Woori Bank (2 years, 250 million won), transferred to Hana One Q, and Kim Ye-jin (3 years, 80 million won) wore a KB uniform.토토사이트

Kim Han-byul, who was called the biggest free agent this time along with Kang I-seul (3-year total of 350 million won), who remained at KB, renewed the contract with BNK for 300 million won for 1 year. Kim Jin-young, another big fish (3 years total of 240 million won), remained at Shinhan Bank.

Woori Bank, the champion of the 2022-2023 season, renewed contracts with Go Ara (2 years, 60 million won), Noh Hyun-ji (2 years, 60 million won), and Park Da-jeong (3 years, 60 million won). In addition to Kang Iseul, KB caught Shim Seong-yeong (1 year total of 100 million won) and Kim So-dam (3 years of 70 million won). Samsung Life Insurance renewed the contract with Kim Han-bi, the only free agent, for 50 million won for one year. 

After the results of the second round of negotiations were revealed, there are two players announced on the list of non-concluded FA contracts: Park Ji-eun and Lee Jung-hyun. The two players are scheduled to proceed with the third round of negotiations with the original team.

Meanwhile, veteran Choi Hee-jin, who played an active role in KB last season, has decided to retire. Choi Hee-jin has been active in WKBL for 17 years after being named 6th in the 1st round at the 2006 freshman selection.

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