Kim Ha-seong showed what baseball is by going one step further. He heated up the major leagues with his hustle play that did not spare his body.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


<San Diego 6:3 Kansas City | US major league exhibition game>

Is the second baseman position still awkward for Kim Ha-seong, who used to play shortstop?

In the top of the first inning, he was mortified by a ridiculous mistake rarely seen.

He missed a grounder with a two-run lead.

He also missed double play opportunities with new shortstop Bogarts by just a span.

I wasn’t having any luck at bat either.안전놀이터

He struck out two consecutive at bats, but it was in the bottom of the 6th inning that the frustrating flow began to break.

He pulled a low pitch to his body and scored a welcome hit in three games.

Ha-seong Kim, who stepped on first base, instead of waiting for another hit, set out to find an opportunity to score on his own.

As soon as the pitcher threw the ball, he ran to second base, and

[Local broadcast: You can get a chance to get a big lead with one run like this.]

Again, without hesitation, he threw his body and stepped on third base, outwitting the opponent. It is.

Here, Engel’s sacrifice fly brought Kim Ha-seong home, and applause poured in for his best play to the extent that his knee was swept to the floor and complained of pain.

< Pittsburgh 4:7 Boston|US Major League Baseball Exhibition >

A fast ball at 153 km/h was sensibly hit to tie the game with one RBI and a timely hit, and in the second at-bat, an infield hit completed a multi-hit.

Posting his third multi-hit of the season, Bae Ji-hwan raised his exhibition batting average to .25.

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