Gangwon FC has released the uniform numbers for the 2023 season.

Gangwon FC officially announced the number of 43 players. The 21 existing players, including Yoo Sang-hoon (No. 1), Kim Young-bin (No. 2), Seo Min-woo (4), Dino (9), Lee Jeong-hyeop (No. 18), and Jung Seung-yong (No. 22), have the same numbers as last season without changing their shirt numbers. keep 안전놀이터

Alibayev, a new foreigner this season, wore number 6. Kim Dae-won, who was nominated for the K-League MVP for his best performance last year, wears the number 10, the symbol of an ace. In the 2022 season K League, KFA ‘Young Player’ Yang Hyeon-jun also received a new number 7, showing the presence of a star player.

Yang Hyeon-joon, who received the new number, said, “(Yoon) Seok-yeong passed on the number 7 to me thankfully. I wanted to play the game with a sense of responsibility and thought that if I overcome the pressure, I would be able to grow into a better player, so I wore the number 7.” As much as I received a good number, I want to show a better image.”

Gangwon FC, which released a new uniform number, is gearing up for the new season by leaving for the second field training as captain in Busan on the 1st.

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