The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has sanctioned the umpires and the head of the replay center for misinterpreting the video replay during the game between KIA and Samsung at Pohang Stadium.

It suspended the main umpire for 10 games, the assistant umpire and the head of the review center for five games, and fined the umpiring team 1 million won.

The KBO apologized for the misreading, saying, “The umpire failed to check the previous situation when the ball hit the top of the fence and bounced, and made a hasty call.”메이저사이트

At the end of the third inning of the game on the first day, Ryu Ji-hyuk’s bat hit the fence, bounced off, hit a spectator’s glove, and returned to the ground, but the umpires recognized it as a home run instead of a double despite the video review.

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