Reporter Bae Jin-nam = Cheongju KB, the unified champion of women’s professional basketball last season, will not be able to step on the ‘Spring Basketball’ court in 12 years.

KB lost 55-68 in the home game against Incheon Shinhan Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at the Cheongju Gymnasium in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 17th.

As a result, 5th place KB, which recently suffered 2 consecutive losses and 18 losses (9 wins) of the season, will not be able to participate in the quarterfinals playoffs (PO) this season regardless of the results of the remaining games.

Even if KB wins all the remaining 3 games, it cannot be in the top 4, as it has a 5 game gap with 4th place Busan BNK (13-12), who played two less games. KB has been confirmed for 5th place.

It is the first time in 12 years since the 2010-2011 season (5th place) that KB cannot play ‘Spring Basketball’.

After the 2011-2012 season when it moved its hometown to Cheongju, KB always ranked 3rd or higher in the regular league, except for the 2012-2013 season, when it started from the semi-playoff.

With the exception of the 2019-2020 season, when the PO was not held due to the early end of the season during the regular league due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), he always went to PO, and won the combined championship twice (2018-2019, 2021-2022 season). also achieved

However, this season, we had to spend a difficult time in the absence of Park Ji-soo, the main player in last season’s unified victory.

Park Ji-soo, who joined the team at the end of the third round to concentrate on treatment after being diagnosed with panic disorder, suffered a finger injury earlier this month and is virtually out of the season. Park Ji-soo cheered for his teammates on the bench that day.

With KB’s elimination and BNK securing at least 4th place, all four teams that will be in the PO this season, including Asan Woori Bank, who won the regular season, were also covered. 메이저사이트

Shinhan Bank, which had already secured the right to participate in the PO, became tied with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance for second place with a victory of 15 wins and 11 losses that day.

The confrontation with KB this season ended with an advantage with 5 wins and 1 loss.

In the first quarter alone, Kim Jin-young scored 12 points, more than KB’s team scored, leading Shinhan Bank 25-10.

Kim Jin-young scored 19 points and 5 rebounds, and Kim Sonia scored 17 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, leading Shinhan Bank to victory.

Lee Kyung-eun, who became the 10th player in history to reach 500 games, added 9 points.

In KB, Heo Ye-eun scored 11 points and 8 assists, and Shim Seong-young scored 11 points.

It was regrettable that the main gun, Kang Iseul, only scored 7 points, tied with 2 points in the first half.

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