“I know that there are great concerns and expectations.”

A strange tension flowed in the voice of Cheonan City FC coach Park Nam-yeol (53), a “new team”. Coach Park takes on a new challenge in the 2023 season. He leads Cheonan City into his professional career. The Korea Professional Football Federation approved Cheonan City’s membership through a board meeting last month. Starting with the opening game of the K League 2 (second division) against Busan I’Park on March 1st, Cheonan City will challenge the K-League in earnest.

Even before the start, interest is hot. Cheonan is geographically adjacent to Chungnam Asan and Chungbuk Cheongju FC. Expectations for the ‘Chungcheong-do Derby’ are already rising. In particular, Cheonan and Cheongju are K-League ‘foundation motives’. In a recent non-face-to-face interview with Sports Chosun, coach Park gave strength to his voice, saying, “It’s the ‘Chungcheong Province Derby.’

The preparation process in Cheonan is relatively smooth. Coach Park appointed coach Hyun-soo Kim, goalkeeper coach Chan-soo Kwon, and physical coach Sergio to form a coaching staff. “Veteran” Kim Chang-soo was recruited as a playing coach to serve as a bridge to the team. Recruitment of foreign players was also carried out quickly. He decided to accompany Brazilian striker Motta and midfielder Hodouf, who he worked with in the K3 League last season. In addition, Bosnian midfielder Damir Sovsic, a ‘K-League experience’, was recruited to add weight. 스포츠토토

Coach Park said, “The preparations are going well, but there are many concerns. It is difficult to bring a player from K League 1 to K League 2. I’m hoping to lose,” he said.

Cheonan held its first winter battery training in Chonburi, Thailand from the 6th to the 27th of last month. From February 1st to 15th, the second training session will be held in Jeju. Coach Park said, “In Thailand, we emphasized physical strength. The entire squad also paid attention to keeping pace. We started training a little late. We’re not 100% yet. I’m glad we came back without injuries. The second winter training camp. “We are going to focus on tactical training. We are in the first season of the K-League. We need to adapt. Before the opening match, we have scheduled a lot of practice games with K-League 1 teams.” Cheonan will play two practice matches against Pohang Steelers and Jeju United.

Park recorded 40 goals and -24 assists in 250 professional games during his playing career. He was so fierce that he won seven championships in the professional league alone. However, the K-League, which challenges as a leader, is different. Until now, coach Park has only coached the women’s soccer team. This is the first time he has coached a men’s professional team. He said, “I’ve only coached the men’s team, but this is my first time as a coach. The weight itself is different. The responsibility is greater. It is true that the level of attention is high because I am the manager of the founding team. All eyes are focused on how we are preparing. Concerns and expectations are high. I know it’s a big thing. The realistic goal is 8th. Since Cheongju said it would be 9th, we have to go higher. Maybe it’s because we started together, but there is a rivalry.”

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