K-League defending champion Ulsan Jeong Seung-hyun (Ulsan) is still hungry. He does not hesitate to learn in every way for his own development. I am learning a lot not only from Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo, but also from team senior Lee Chung-yong, and from the Brentford B team, who were my pre-season opponents. I met Jeong Seung-hyun in Algarve, Portugal, where Ulsan Hyundai’s field training was in full swing.

The interview was held on the 2nd. The day before, Ulsan played against Brentford B. Ulsan won 1-0. Jeong Seung-hyun also participated and led the defensive line. Regarding the game the day before, he said, “I know it as a team under the age of 23, and it was good. Most of the players are 19 and 20 years old, and I learned a lot.” He continued, “I thought it was important to be born in these areas, such as physical and speed,” and explained in detail, “The playing style was also different.”

At the same time, Jung Seung-hyun felt the greatness of Lee Chung-yong, a senior on the team. Lee Chung-yong has been active on the English stage for a long time. Right after playing against a Premier League team, Lee Chung-yong looked even more amazing. Jeong Seung-hyun explained, “After the game, I watched (Lee) Chung-yong’s highlights at the dorm. I felt that it was great to play an active part in the Premier League. Certainly, it seems important to have various experiences at a young age.” 안전놀이터

Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo is also a great mentor to Jeong Seung-hyun. In particular, when he was eliminated from the national team last year, coach Hong gave Jeong Seung-hyun great comfort. Jeong Seung-hyun said, “When my name wasn’t there when I was summoned to the national team, coach Hong told me, ‘Don’t worry and work hard. You can join the national team in the future.’ It was all the more so because it was not easy,” he said. He continued, “That word gave me great strength. At that time, I felt a great sense of loss, but I was able to dream again.”

Jeong Seung-hyun was born in 1994. Coach Hong Myung-bo was a child when he started playing as an active player. In fact, I haven’t seen many of Hong’s plays during his active career. However, he came across it as a highlight on YouTube. How was Hong Myung-bo, the ‘active player’ seen by Jung Seung-hyun? He gave a thumbs up, saying, “Actually, it’s the complete opposite of my style. He’s very clever and he’s so great that I can’t compare him

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