Can Jeonbuk Hyundai enjoy the effect of expanding the quota for foreign players?

Currently, there are three foreign players belonging to Jeonbuk. Recently recruited midfielder Jun Amano (Japan), striker Rafael (Brazil) and existing striker Gustavo (Brazil) are wearing Jeonbuk uniforms as foreigners. Striker Barrow (Gambia) recently left for Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia.

You can add up to 3 people to it. The Korea Professional Football Federation held a board meeting on the 16th and decided to increase the K League 1 foreign player limit to 5 (regardless of nationality) + 1 (Asian quota) from the 2023 season. According to the rules revised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) last year, the K-League also reflects international rules. 토토사이트

Therefore, Jeonbuk, which has one Japanese and two Brazilians, can afford to register three more foreigners of any nationality. However, there are no plans to fill all 6 members right now.

An official from the soccer world said, “Jeonbuk is looking for new foreigners, mainly players with experience in East Asia. It is unknown whether all six foreign seats will be filled immediately,” he hinted.

An official from Jeonbuk also said, “It is not urgent to recruit foreigners. Starting from this season, the AFC Champions League (ACL) will be held as a Chuchun festival (opening in autumn ~ closing in the following spring). The first half of the year can go without additional foreign players, and additional recruitment can be done in time for the second half when the ACL begins.”

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