It is a bold provocation.

Yang Ji-yong (26, Jeju Team The King), who won the 2023 global tournament seeding rights, pointed to ‘Road FC Bantamweight Champion’ Moon Mun-hoon (39, Octagon Multigym) as his opponent in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Yang Ji-yong won a TKO victory by punch in 1 minute and 47 seconds of the first round against Koki Hirasawa (25, FREE) at Goobne RAOD FC 063 held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th. Yang Ji-yong, who has won 7 consecutive wins, is writing a new history as a fighter in Jeju Island.

In a backstage interview, he said, “I’m not particularly happy because it’s a victory I predicted. Since the tournament is my goal, then (if I win) I will be very happy. There is no inspiration now. I am grateful to my teammates and the manager,” he said.

Yang Ji-yong claimed at the ROAD FC 062 press conference that he is the fighter who deserves a title fight. Right after the victory, Yang Ji-yong came down from the cage and wrapped the championship belt of Jeon Mun-hoon, who was sitting at the table, around his waist.

Yang Ji-yong said, “Last year, I was so unfair. I always say this, but last year I was the main character. Jeon Moon-hoon is also a great player, and because he is a senior, I didn’t provoke too much, but I wanted to say that I was the main character last year.”

He also said, “The belt wanted me. He said that he wanted the belt to come to my waist.” Yang Ji-yong, who said, “It is not pride, but self-confidence,” revealed a strong obsession with his championship.

Yang Ji-yong, who defeated numerous strong players in Road FC and Japan’s largest organization Raijin FF, attracted attention by saying that he wanted to compete with Mun Mun-hun in the quarterfinals of the global tournament. He named the champion from the quarterfinals tournament, and many martial arts fans wondered. 메이저놀이터

Yang Ji-yong said, “I hate the word total management. It is meaningful to win by sticking with a strong player unconditionally. To win by sticking with a weak player is no different from losing. In any case, I have to beat Jeon Moon-hun to get the belt, so I will definitely show it in the preliminaries.”

Jiyong Yang’s confident backstage interview and videos of players who played an active part in Goobne ROAD FC 063 can be viewed on the official Road FC YouTube channel.

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