With the opening of the K-League approaching in about 10 days, Jeju is expecting a lot from the Brazilian duo Yuri and Hays, who they recruited as goalscorers this season.

Attention is focused on what kind of performance they will show on behalf of Joo Min-gyu and Zerso, who were the two pillars of the team’s attack in the past.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Yuri scored a goal without missing a low and fast pass from a side striker.

Hays has a sharp pass that uses dribbling and space.

Yuri, a forward striker with a 185cm tall physique, and Hayes, who helped Gwangju win promotion to the 1st division with 12 goals last season, are the ‘Brazilian duo’ who will wear Jeju uniforms this season.

<Yuri / Jeju United> “There are many high-level players in Jeju. I think I can achieve the goal I want in Jeju with my colleagues who are helping me adapt.”

The Brazilian duo’s specialty is Jeju’s ‘filling the scoring gap’.

This is because Min-gyu Joo, who scored the most goals in the league for two consecutive years with 17 goals last season, and Gerso, the league’s best ‘crack’, who has the ability to change the game alone, have left Jeju.

<Hayes / Jeju United> “I became competitive to break the records of those players, and I am also motivated to show my best performance.”

The coach also does not hide his expectations for Yuri from the second division in Brazil and Hays, recruited from Gwangju. 스포츠토토

<Nam Ki-il / Jeju United Manager> “(Hayes) has a flash and he seems to be able to play the fans like. Yuri is ready to score a goal if he brings the ball in front of the gate, and he has good body movements…”

Oh The performance of the two players to be shown in the league opening game against Suwon FC on the 26th is already attracting attention.

This is Yonhap News TV Cho Sung-heum.

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