This is Wednesday night sports news.

In the WBC final, Japan, with Ohtani at the forefront, defeated the United States and rose to the top in 14 years.

This is his 3rd overall win.

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It was the United States that took the initiative.

In the top of the second inning, Turner took the lead with a solo shot.

Japan immediately responded in the bottom of the second inning with a home run by Murakami, the main character of yesterday’s game-off.메이저놀이터

Japan, who succeeded in reversing by adding one more run in the following chance with a bases loaded, widened the gap with Okamoto’s solo home run in the fourth inning.

Japan was chased by one point as Darvish hit a solo home run from Schwaber in the 8th inning.

Ohtani, who took the mound in the ninth inning, threw a fastball that exceeded 160 km/h, and blocked one inning without a run, ending Japan’s victory.

Japan, which reached the top of the tournament after 14 years, reaffirmed its position as a baseball powerhouse by winning three of the five tournaments.

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