Kim Ha-Sung’s gutsy sprint to first base with his helmet off is something we won’t see much of in the future. A ‘custom helmet’ has been created to fit perfectly to prevent injury.

Byungmin Yoo is a reporter.

Kim Ha-sung has been wearing a helmet slightly larger than his head size since he arrived in the United States.

The shape and size of major league players’ heads didn’t match his.

So when he sprinted, his helmet would come off, but the image of him always giving his best captured the hearts of fans.

The “Kim Ha Sung doll” that the San Diego team distributed last week for “Kim Ha Sung Day” also has a detachable head and helmet.바카라사이트

Still, it’s dangerous when the helmet comes off, so the team made a helmet that fits the shape of Kim’s head, and a new helmet is out.

After his close teammate Machado laughed and advised him, Kim playfully tried the helmet on Machado.

Kim wore the customized helmet in yesterday’s (29th) game against St. Louis and got his first hit in four games, extending his hitting streak to 10 games.

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